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Thoughts appear and then disappear quickly.


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Him: Hey ;)
Her: What’s up?
Him: Not much, you?
Her: Not much. Just avoiding cleaning my apt lol
Him: lol that’s cool, as long as your bed is cleared off! 161 more words

1.9 (Darwin)

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“Quick sketch of Charles Darwin”

Happy New Month!

I can’t believe that it is already February 1st! I found that January went by so quickly, like I feel that it was new years like yesterday lol! 74 more words

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We are giving you one of the best diets to lose 10 kilos of your weight fast in a week, a diet that will allow you to regain the figure in no time. 230 more words

quickly of words


and its own dance

and ran on theĀ  keeping

and how it was the trying

and how it was the longest

and however

and took… 50 more words


I fall in love too quickly

I fall in love too quickly…

And I know that.

So why do I trick myself every time?

I always tell myself to not get attached to the guy I am seeing; by maybe seeing a couple guys or distancing myself. 219 more words