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Popping a Register from a Stack: QuickPiet Macros

And now for something completely different …

Back in March I went crazy.  I spent WAY too many nights hacking in David Morgan-Mar’s Piet programming language.   1,179 more words


First Cut - Piet Prezi Presentation

You can find the first cut of my Prezi based presentation on Piet and QuickPiet here:


I will update the link/presentation over the next week or so leading up to the next Lambda Lounge meeting.


Piet Roll Command

Roll-n-rolling with the Piet ROLL command

Mr. Young and a few others questioned how QuickPiet‘s command worked …. and to be honest, at first I didn’t either.   542 more words


Challenge - QuickPiet Interpreter

Create an interpreter for a new Language based on Piet: QuickPiet

To pair off of Nate’s Rock Paper Scissors challenge, here is one I am offering up to him: create an interpreter which will execute QuickPiet commands.  421 more words