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Concept Expansion 1

This week, I’m working on completing my first concept expansion, which studies multimodality and multiliteracy. I decided that I wanted to perform an interview and video blog for this project, using QuickTime and iMovie on my computer. 353 more words

Game Review: The Order 1886

Ah, my first game review. This will be interesting to see when it’s over. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog and have had a lot of fun. 1,075 more words

Video Games

DNxHR Performance in Premiere Pro CC 2017

Adobe just announced native support for DNxHD and DNxHR QuickTime exporting, but is it any better than third party plugin support? I did some tests to find out.

Are Quicktime Events Fun?

Quicktime events. Love them or hate them, they’re there. Sometimes, games do them well. Sometimes, they don’t. Some people say they’re fun. Some say they’re not. 873 more words

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What is screencasting?

Screencasting is a way to create a video recording of your computer screen. It can contain images or video of your screen as well as a voice narration which can allow users the audience to follow what you are doing. 184 more words

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YouTube your lessonsĀ 

As educators, we all know that YouTube is a wonderful resource for supplementing our lessons. From the myriad videos on TEDTalks and Khan Academy to the many posts of teachers such as Derek Muller of… 569 more words

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tvOS 10 broke my Blu-Ray Rips...

In a continuation of my ongoing Apple posts (believe it or not I am a working editor!) I came up with a problem that seemingly had no solution. 394 more words