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You may wonder why Evangelicals don’t oppose 45, whose “sins” are coming home to roost and lowering the tone of our national discourse. But you don’t have to travel too far in your thinking to understand that Trump’s misogyny is tailor-made for furthering the policies of fundamentalist Christians. 1,265 more words

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Quid Pro Quo - The Basics of Bartering

Written by: Vincent Voyer

Occasionally in books, movies, tv shows, and more, we hear phrases in other languages used to signify different expressions. Some such phrases like ‘je ne sais quoi’, ‘ad nauseam’, ‘déjà vu’, and so on. 562 more words

Silence Of The Lambs

States Propose to Recast Tax Payments as Charitable Contributions

The newly enacted IRC § 164(b)(6) created a $10,000 annual limitation on the deductibility of state and local tax (“SALT”). In response, states are considering legislative proposals that would allow their residents to avoid the new limitation.  247 more words

Thoughts from the Menendez Trial: Preventing Corruption from the Start

Last fall’s corruption trial of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) ended rather anticlimactically, with the presiding judge declaring a mistrial after the jury announced that it couldn’t reach a decision, and the Department of Justice eventually deciding not to retry him. 951 more words


3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2018

In my 20 years as coordinator of the team ministry in a North Jersey parish, we 11 members (three priests, one deacon, two Sisters, and five lay men and women) would meet twice a month to plan the activities of the parish and to review how things were progressing and learn how we might work together more closely.  574 more words


Predator Gaming concludes the Philippine Leg of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2018

Asia Pacific Predator League 2018, Predator Gaming’s brand new DOTA:2 league and the most anticipated eSports competition, recently concluded its Philippine Leg at the High Grounds Café. 454 more words