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NYCM 2016 Short Story Challenge. Round one, Group 12.

This year I drew:

Genre: Drama. Subject: On-line bullying. Character: An organ donor.

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Quid Pro Quo
A United States Senator trades favors in order to secure a future for his daughter. 2,596 more words

Short Story

Does This Thing Come With a Reset Button?

A gift is defined as something voluntarily given, with no expectation of payment of any kind, intended to show favor towards someone, to honor a person or an occasion, or to assist an individual or an organization in need. 257 more words


With All That You Are.

Quid pro quo. Pardon
with a price. Invest
yourself in future

here. Bring

all that you are. Feet
on solid ground as you kiss… 23 more words

Thank You

I just want to take a moment and thank each of you for supporting me with this blog. To you wordpress followers and my http://www.facebook.com/Fivesonsplusone… 133 more words

Responsible Gun Owners Abandoned The NRA's Psychological Manipulations

Once upon a time, the NRA exploited others with psychological manipulations coupled with their Quid Pro Quo with many of our politicians, for the personal gratification of the gun industry. 297 more words

Book 2

IN EXTREMO: Neues Album und bald auf Tour!

2015 war ein bewegendes Jahr für IN EXTREMO. Die Veröffentlichung des edlen Jubiläums-Boxsets, das legendäre Loreley-Festival und zahlreiche weitere Konzerte sind nur als einige Meilensteine des 20. 284 more words



To those who press “like”
without even reading,
por favor –
don’t bother.

Chagall 2015
And to those of you who really click through
may your muse live long and strong.