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The Lesser of Two Evils

Often in our history, presidential elections have boiled down to a choice between the lesser of two evils. The 2016 presidential election cycle is no exception.  512 more words

Hillary Clinton

State official offered FBI 'quid pro quo'

State official offered FBI ‘quid pro quo’ during Clinton email probe

Newly released FBI forms summarizing the Hillary Clinton email investigation reveal the State Department’s undersecretary of state attempted to persuade the FBI to change certain emails in Clinton’s private email server from classified to unclassified, during the agency’s probe into Clinton’s email usage while secretary of state. 99 more words


Reports: “Quid Pro Quo” Discussed Between State and FBI in Hillary Investigation

Source: Legalinsurrection.com, by Aleister

“This is a flashing red light of potential criminality”

The Hillary Clinton email scandal just got much worse. New files indicate the possibility of “quid pro quo” between the State Department and the FBI. 410 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

It Looks Like The Term "Quid Pro Quo" Is A Common Denominator For The Clinton People

To attempt “Quid Pro Quo” is pretty gutsy to begin with but to try to make a deal so openly with the FBI to save Hillary Clinton’s rear end is far more than gutsy, I will let you use any term you prefer as to what it’s called. 496 more words

USA Today report finds companies used The Clinton Foundation to lobby the State Department

 USA Today is out with a new report which has found that companies were making donations to The Clinton Foundation before lobbying the State Department, and it just so happens that these companies were using major Clinton fundraisers as their lobbyists. 349 more words


State Official Tried to 'Influence' FBI on Clinton Emails

A senior State Department official proposed a “quid pro quo” to convince the FBI to strip the classification on an email from Hillary Clinton’s server — and repeatedly tried to “influence” the bureau’s decision when his offer was denied, even taking his plea up the chain of command, according to newly released FBI documents.

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'Dame Van Der Cankles'

PJ Media has an article on what it’s like to run afoul of the leftist narrative. No more media darling for you Ken Bone.

Poor Ken Bone committed the cardinal sin of running afoul of a lefmedia false narrative.

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