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On a TV show, a shrink quotes her late husband, also a shrink, “There is no humanity, there are only humans…” and I now paraphrase the rest, “and each is driven and attracted in his or her own way.” The point being what passes for the good and the just is fragile consensus. 495 more words

When the Bank Has a Problem

In last week’s column, I wrote about the Orwellian Economics of Indian banking. The basic premise of the column came from something that George Orwell wrote in his book… 644 more words

Bangalore Mirror

Snubbing Sodom: why it's best to choose morals over money

Whether it’s threats of boycotts, lawsuits, or violent demonstrations, this decade thus far has been filled with news stories of ungodly forces trying to impose their will forcibly on anyone who would have the audacity to not give them what they want when they want it. 626 more words


Judicial Watch Releases Clinton Emails Showing Classified Emails And Special Favors

Judicial Watch released more emails obtained through FOIA requests from the State Department.

BREAKING New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Clinton Emailing Classified Info & Talk of Special Favors for Clinton Donors…

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Naivety of common man!

 My friend Sudhakar has a complaint against me. He says that he needs to sit with a dictionary when he reads my blogs! So for his benefit one of the dictionary meanings of Naivety is “innocence or unsophistication”. 795 more words


QUID PRO QUO - The "Pay for Play" culture born from The Band Scholarship

Near the end of the 80’s marching bands began to get “bigger”, figuratively and literally. Certain marching band programs gained popularity through commercials, movies, and Live TV performances resulting in an increase in their membership. 591 more words

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Making a Buck by Passing the Buck

Referral is another name for this game. A doctor is never penalized or charged for over-referring. Not only it is considered good practice but also good  893 more words