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What good are wings,
if never spread, to feel the stretch that curves the back to arch and leap
What good are wings,
if never kissed by sun and moon, where their glow, in Angels reap… 108 more words


Why Do You Read? Tell Us!

I happened to see this video with people sharing why they read.  I found it very interesting.

Kids Tell Us: “Why I Read”

Why do you read?  9 more words

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Did You Know…

Canadian athletes won more medals this year at the Pan Am Games than ever before! Did you participate in the “Panamania” that took place this year? 31 more words

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Author Vicki Grant wants to hear from you!

Vicki Grant, author of Quid Pro Quo tweeted this out:

So, if you are on Twitter please include @RHPLtweets in your tweet to Vicki Grant (@VickiGrantYA) 23 more words

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Quid Pro Quo - Part 1

Part 1

Có một cái bóng đen đang chuyển động – chuyển động, mặc cho bóng tối và thời gian đang trôi đi, quen thuộc đến mức dường như có thể ngay lập tức lột bỏ lớp áo choàng kia. 3,413 more words

Harry Potter Fanfiction

JOE QUEENAN: Clearly, the Donald Works for Hillary

Wall Street Journal —The quid pro quo? When Clinton wins, Trump gets to install luxury condos in the Washington Monument.

Numerous experts have described Donald Trump’s “quixotic” presidential candidacy as a gift to Hillary Clinton. 78 more words


August's Book #1: Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo by Vicky Grant

About this book:

14 year old Cyril MacIntyre is a legal expert thanks to all the law classes his mom has dragged him to.  286 more words

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