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How To Fall In Love With Hogwarts Every Time

I admit- I was not planning to write about such a small portion of the book. My original goal was to write about Harry’s first day of school after being sorted all the way until Christmas. 986 more words


Harry Potter and the 10th Birthday Tournament and Ball

Thank you so much great and powerful Internet for helping me throw together a super fun Harry Potter party for my daughter’s 10th birthday.   She is obsessed with those books, and was really hoping all the little details would be authentic.   1,178 more words


3 cool higher-ed changes you may not know about

Show your parents your school’s course catalog and they’re bound to be shocked. Many colleges have begun to offer ground-breaking classes in subjects like social media, pop culture, gender studies and much more — but this is just one of the cool new changes that are currently happening in higher education. 605 more words


Mexico: Mayan Quidditch

If someone said to you “This is a sport that involves a small round ball being sent flying across a large arena and the aim of the game is to get the ball through an equally small hoop”, what would you imagine? 508 more words

Carpe nerDiem!

I joke, I kid, and I make fun of myself, but here’s the real deal: I absolutely love being a nerd.

I get to read books, do math problems, and watch science YouTube videos while sitting in my bedroom which is decorate in… 629 more words