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Tales of the Quiet Earth: Martyn's Story

Author’s Note: What follows is some brainstorming/intro material I wrote regarding a post-apocalypse-ish setting I’ve been developing for the last year or two. Tentatively titled ‘Tales of the Quiet Earth’, even though there was a novel of a similar title (one of those ‘last man on Earth’ stories, from the 70s, I think). 809 more words


Movie Review #9: Quiet Earth

Thanks to Chris at QuietEarth.us for his review of THE MILLENNIUM BUG:

“…probably the coolest low budget creature feature ever made.”

Read the full review here.


Reaction Roundup

“A Beautiful Steampunk Vision comes to life” – QUIET EARTH

The Anachronism is more than worth the 15 minutes you need to set aside to watch it.” … 226 more words


30 post-apocalyptic visions of the 21st Century

The Quiet Earth blog has been covering the post-apocalyptic genre for years, and now one of its feature writers, Agent Orange, weighs in with his list of 30 visions of a 21st Century apocalypse. 7 more words

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THE WILD HUNT: The upcoming film about LARPing and the stag-headed ones

Wanted to make sure we were all aware of the film The Wild Hunt set to release in the US on May 28th.

From the website: 148 more words


7.5/10 for Credo Review

After the screening of CREDO at the Grimm Up North! festival this weekend, a review has been posted on the US film site Quiet Earth… 548 more words