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Inexorable, pain I feel
Inexorable, all too real
Inexorable, will I heal?

Again it’s time to walk the world alone
Sit in anguished sorrow on island throne… 72 more words



Thoughts, so many of ’em.
Swirling and unhinged,
all at once, none at all.
Chaotic and calm.
Like crashing waves
on a rocky beach,
Repetitive, hypnotizing.
Amidst upheaval,
a thought-full peace.



The storms have quieted

Fading thunder bellows outside

We sit close and snug on the couch

Drinking chamomile tea

We find it soothing

This evening there is no t.v. 34 more words


happy new year....and a fancy one at that!

It was cold (I’m sorry, FREEZING) in New York last night, so, I decided that I would stay in and have a quiet celebration.
Looking back I have had so many great new years eve celebrations (and some not so good!) 198 more words

New York City