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Rag Bag Quilt Top Repair

Working on the Rag Bag Quilt Top today!  Replacing and sewing over fabrics with damage.  I dipped into my civil war reproductions stash to find some close matches, and pieces that would go with the existing fabrics. 101 more words

Quilt repair

So these old quilts….

You gotta love them. I like touching them and folding them and trying to determine what period the fabrics must be from. 226 more words

Fixing the Quilt a Dog Chewed

Rusty the dog does not like thunderstorms. When left in the house alone during a big storm, this is what happened to the beloved quilt in the master bedroom: 166 more words


Darting Minnows Quilt Pattern is Old

Recently I had the opportunity to work on an old family quilt that has seen a lot of years. The pattern is “Darting Minnows” and is unusual because the design is made in the sashing. 216 more words