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Repairing an Old Damaged Quilt

One of the things I do is repair well-loved quilts that no one else will touch. Most of the time, someone that is truly using a quilt will not care that it isn’t museum quality, they just want the worst of the damage repaired.   549 more words


Conserved for a while...

So I finished my first official attempt at conserving with the Rocking Horse Quilt.  If you haven’t read my prior post, you might want to do that so you can see what this quilt looked like when I began.   241 more words

Quilt Top is Not Destined for the Scrap Bag!

I wanted to see what this quilt top would look like if the sunbursts were removed. (see my previous post for Oct 13 ) While it is a unique arrangement, they make the quilt visually very busy and a bit overwhelming. 164 more words


Preserve the Quilt's Integrity or Make it Useful?

This is my current project. It is a quilt top, waiting to be made into a quilt. However the fabric seems very old and there are condition issues. 482 more words


Quilts as Storytellers

This Tree of Life quilt, circa 1850-1875, has a new chapter to it’s story. I date it thus because red and green quilts were very popular during that period, plus the tiny stitching and materials support my supposition. 283 more words

Hand Stitched

Tree of Life

Let  me share a picture of the quilt that was brought to me yesterday for repairs.The provenance is unclear, but it is fairly old, made in either Alabama or Mississippi. 67 more words

Hand Stitched