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Post-it Note Quilt

Lanpher Memorial Library invites community expression with a quick quilt idea. Add a favorite book or doodle, and build a summer exhibit! Love the participation! 33 more words

Programs For Adults

Happy Canada Day

My grandmother hand-stitched this quilt for Canada’s centennial in 1967. Every second weekend, my family used to stay with my grandparents and this was the quilt that was on “my” bed. 127 more words

Style And Decorating

Wednesday Wrinkle - an ingenious self-binding flannel quilt

This is just fantastic! This video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company shows you how to make a really quick flannel quilt / blanket – which binds itself – ingenious. 24 more words


Confetti Forest intermezzo

I can’t really post news about Confetti Forest because I am waiting for the background fabric to arrive. It’s hard to believe that mail from overseas still takes this long nowadays—four weeks now. 177 more words

June 30th, a quilt with a rainbow of colors

First I’m showing some hand quilting on the Fire Hosta Queen quilt . It will be quilted with 4 different colors, one is a metallic thread. 131 more words


Log Jam 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50

This series features just three block designs, or more accurately, three colour variations of the same block … the traditional half light, half dark Log Cabin, plus the same block constructed with all light or all dark fabrics. 63 more words


Latest quilting work

It has been an incredibly busy spring, business-wise and personally. Kids finishing up school, dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, emergency surgery… and that’s just kids. Then there was the two emergency speaker engagements and the one planned that I performed, a quick last minute trip with hubby, my own minor surgery and a weekend jaunt to see the folks. 458 more words