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Why Double Comfort?

Several years ago, I went to Africa.  Twenty three glorious days in the Republic of South Africa, it was a trip of a lifetime and changed me forever.   185 more words

String of Beads 6

I like it.

I have some scraps of fabric with fusible added, and today I think I will use my new toy to cut some of them into ‘beads’ … this possible design needs 940 of them, though I suspect the actual design will change several times before I start the next step of fusing the ‘beads’ to the background. 56 more words


Finish: A Very Classy Mini

So um…

Why? Um…

I didn’t rush right off and make it or anything. I surfed the urge. But…

Which is how this happened…

I HAVE NO REGRETS. 58 more words


art and life

plenty of things to do (and what about the things I need to stop doing? A very personal topic)

So, plenty of things to do: 330 more words


Creative Boxes in Bed

When I was  a very little girl being raised by a single mom in an apartment in which it was forbidden to run or jump, and outside play for a small child was difficult to manage,  I would sometimes set up the I’m bored whine.   302 more words


Quilt-y Thoughts

As it turns out, I’m kinda into quilting.  I know – weird hobby for a millennial. I come from an artsy-crafty type family, with a mom and aunt who routinely made the kids’ clothes. 316 more words

EQ 9x9s OP 15

Very interesting … yesterday’s design was only interesting!

PS. I do not want any interruptions today … time to watch some videos and introduce the new toy to an old toy, and I hope that by the end of the day I will at least get them talking to each other in a friendly fashion. 38 more words