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Fall into autumn

We’ve fallen in love with autumn…it happens every year right around now. This year we’ve baked up a couple Halloween treats for you.

Wicked…48 x 61 ..this delicious project is just right with chestnut street prints in wicked witch green, chalkboard, and pumpkin. 114 more words


Nero's Birthday and Voting at BQF!

Vof vof dear friends! Today is very special day because it’s my, Nero’s 12th Birthday! Gongratulations to me!

I started my Birthday with a good breakfast and then had a great walk! 359 more words


Managing Days Like These

I’m not sure whether my guardian angels are asleep, the household gods are otherwise occupied, or the pixies under the stairs are bored, but for some reason things have been going wrong. 326 more words

Lani Longshore

And so... we quilt!

Hello There Everyone,

Let me introduce you to my quilting must have’s!

Without these little guys, quilting would still be an unobtainable dream for me. In yesterday’s disaster quilt, I didn’t even have a roller cutter! 499 more words



Oh yuck these creatures give me the willies and my garden seems to be over run by them!!!

Lucie The Happy Quilter