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The Bookcase Quilt: a tipsy shelf

Books never stand totally straight in real life, do they?

I gave myself a slightly more challenging layout for this one. Piecing in the triangles so the books lay at just the right angle was fiddly – I had to unpick one seam – but not too taxing. 191 more words


The Liebster Award! Who Me?



My amazingly talented, Fun YouTube inspiration, and blogger friend, Amanda Rolfe has nominated me and my blog for a Liebster Award!  (Feeling so honored –Thanks Amanda, you’re awesome!) 1,036 more words

Peg Collins and Amity Nicholson Join Valley Art Co-op!

Two new artists are displaying work in the Valley Art Co-op Gallery and Shop. They are Peg Collins, who does quilt wall hangings, and Amity Nicholson who does bead work inspired by Native American designs. 170 more words

Fiber Art

How Many Geese in that Formation?

I’m getting ready for some upcoming trunk shows and decided to make some Studio 180 Design Tool samples.  There are 8 Fundamental Tools (not counting Tucker Trimmer 2 & Wing Clipper 2… 191 more words


Antique Welsh Quilts

A few days ago I took a trip to see some old Welsh quilts. They are part of Jen Jones’ vast and amazing collection of antique quilts and were on show in the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter, Wales. 259 more words


Methods Egg Money Quilts 1930S Vintage Samplers

Baby quilts also make great beginner quilting projects and even if you don’t know anyone with a baby there are many charities that welcome gifts of quilts. 214 more words

Pinwheel Party Quilt

I am really good at starting projects and really bad at finishing them.  I started this 8 week quilt along in 2010 and finished it last night (2015, yikes!).  25 more words