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Quinn's Fifty-First Haiku

Winter delight!

a little girl jumping

in snow puddles


I am 4

If you can say the word vagabond without laughing, congratulations. You are more of an adult than I am. Don’t even get me started with titillating.

End of post.


Sodomy officially illegal in the state of Michigan. What does this mean for the Michigan Prison System?

I wrote about this earlier today, but I wanted to dive a little deeper into this hole (see what I did there?). So in a fairly ridiculous move, the state of Michigan passed a law that makes it illegal to engage in oral and anal sex and any other sexual act that can be categorized as sodomy. 314 more words


New Hampshire Day! Live Free or Die (by trying to make it to the polls because this state is buried in snow)

This isn’t necessarily a politics website. I want to start off by saying that. Will I talk about politics a lot? Yeah, because it is our best reality TV show and every 4 years we get the political Olympics with the presidential election. 721 more words


One Month With Quinn

I truly can’t believe that a month has already come and gone with Quinn in our arms. I honestly have no idea what we ever did before her. 436 more words