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Quinn's Forty-Sixth Haiku

The rising Frost Moon

Slowly dots the sky with stars–

Late-November chill.


Quinn's Forty-Fifth Haiku

It’s odd smelling Spring

On this November evening.

Perhaps a preview?


Into the Badlands: Fist Like A Bullet

Okay, everybody! Into the Badlands has put in its application, after only our second date, to be my new boyfriend, and I have accepted this proposal. 1,398 more words

Recaps Reviews

The Negotiator by Frederick Forsyth (1989)

Of all the thriller writers I’ve been reading, Forsyth’s come closest to the Wikipedia definition of ‘airport novels’. They are big (this one has 506 pages), with shiny covers embossed with the author’s name bigger than the title (branding), the plot is long and complex and absolutely stuffed with factual background, all of which you completely forget the second you put it down. 3,865 more words


Episode Review: Homeland Season 5 Episode 7

“Earth bound” VS “You are either born with wings, or you’re not,” that’s what resonated with me in this, yet another thrilling installment of Homeland… 296 more words



I am writing again about the TV series Homeland because I continue to be intrigued by it.  The Homeland plot is so advanced, I’m happy to say, I am not always sure what will happen next. 356 more words

A Quinn-triguing Leaf Pile

See what I did there?  “Quinn-triguing”?

Quinn has never enjoyed the many delights of fall before, so I thought it high time she become very familiar with leaves.  286 more words