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Reality Check

Part 21

Laney hung up and pulled her pillow over her head to smother the string of curse words she was muttering. Then her phone beeped and she emerged to read the short message from Kelly who she was terribly afraid wasn’t just Kelly at all but someone else. 785 more words


a man with a plan

Part 20

The hotel room wasn’t set up for four people so while Tommy and Dane sat at the small table Quinn and Mac occupied the couch. 2,116 more words


Clayton Bricknell vs. Jamie Quinn: Result

Lightweight Contest, 4 Rounds

Holte Suite, Villa Park, Birmingham.

Referee: Shaun Messer.

Debutant Clayton Bricknell made a winning start to his Pro boxing career with a smooth, solid display that earned him a points win over Stockport’s Jamie Quinn at the Holte Suite, Birmingham on 19 May. 352 more words


Why "Batman Ninja" will Endure in the Long Run

With Batman Ninja having been released about a week-and-a-half ago (as of this writing), I am compelled to write several posts about it. (At first, I thought I’d write a review; but after seeing quite a bit of negativity on it, I felt more compelled to write about why, I believe, more fans will see the charm in this movie and, therefore, come to make this one of the most memorable DC animated features over time.) 795 more words


Mr. Irrelevant

Yes, my first sports related post is about Mr. Irrelevant, the last man drafted in the NFL draft. I don’t give a fuck! Trey Quinn is the type of receiver who would give Bill Belichick a randy even if he was in the middle of an Antarctic ice bath. 223 more words

Shop Talk

Part 19

“What do you think?” Delaney held up a dark brown wig styled into an ultra short bob. “Or that one?” she pointed at a red one in the same style. 1,206 more words


Date Night: Kelly?

Part 18

“I don’t get it.” Tommy lay flat on his back staring up at the ceiling. “I mean you know nothing about this woman. Not what she looks like or… anything.” 2,638 more words