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Smoked Chicken Scones

For me, a whiff of smoked paprika brings with it some old culinary memories. Most notably: the times I tried to cook as an eleven or twelve year old. 573 more words

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Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Buns

Here’s the recipe. Get to it.

Bet you were worried that Jack had taken over and there’d be no more recipes. Nah. Here I am, you can be humbled by my majesty. 818 more words

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Chocolate Quinoa Muffins

I was quite surprised how well quinoa flour and chocolate go together.  These muffins are light and airy and the chips give them a big chocolate boost.   138 more words


Story of my Loaf

Finally! I have seeds! Thank you non-cross-contaminated seeds!

Five years, five years at this and it’s only now I’ve managed to get seeds. That ridiculous, but then again so is a lot of the troubles we face as celiacs. 493 more words

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Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Bread

The batter is battery. I can’t make it any clearer.

Much like my Buckwheat and Rice Flour split this is another simple bread recipe. This time around the results are far better. 949 more words

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Quinoa Flour Pancakes

17th February Update: I froze these and when I defrosted them they were actually really nice. I think they work better cold rather than fresh out of the pan. 493 more words

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Quinoa Flour Treacle Bread

I had it in the oven and then remembered I wanted to photograph the batter.

I had some Buckwheat and Flax bread to make so I decide to try something new alongside an old-faithful recipe. 525 more words

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