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Healthy Baked Maple Glazed Doughnut

Who says you can’t have doughnuts everyday? With a couple of tablespoons of quinoa flour you can have a couple of them while giving your body the nutrients it need. 152 more words

A New Loaf; A "Failed" Experiment!

Okay, okay.. so this bread wasn’t a complete failure: it still tasted pretty darn good! Yesterday evening, I tried my hand at yet another Quinoa Loaf, and this time it was a lovely potato and rosemary inspired one! 240 more words


Quinoa Flour Banana Bread (Gluten Free/Egg Free/Nut Free)

Tonight I wanted to try something new; I had gone to the gym at lunch and thought I’d treat myself this evening. I have never made banana bread before and I had some speckled bananas laying around and thought to try something a bit different! 277 more words


Valentine's Day - Sweet Potato-Quinoa Cookies!

💘Happy Valentine’s Day! This momma worked and spent the rest of the day with my Valentine, Luna 😍.  Luna helped me make these amazing, yummy sweet potato and quinoa cookies.   99 more words

Gluten Free, “Almost” Paleo Quinoa & Banana Pancakes

There’s nothing better than pancakes—especially when they’re tasty and won’t wreak havoc on your healthy eating efforts.

These gluten free, “almost” paleo pancakes (only because they have a banana and a little bit of quinoa flour) are light, protein-packed, and will help to keep your waist whittled. 217 more words


CasaJos Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

Originally inspired by Epicurious, I have been developing this recipe for over a year. My goal? To create a Gluten-free pizza crust that rivals a traditional wood-fired flatbread with its crunchy exterior and chewy centre. 517 more words

RECIPE: Gluten-free dark chocolate walnut brownies

Brownies are one of those classic desserts that almost everyone loves to eat — but making them can be tough when there are dietary restrictions involved. 278 more words