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Lillet Blanc

As I pointed out in my white whales section on Kina Lillet, Lillet Blanc is the rebranded and possibly reformulated quinquina aperitif wine made famous by James Bond in the books and movies Casino Royale. 365 more words

Liquor Review

Mrs. Dubonnet?

I don’t Know if that is Mrs Dubonnet but she does have that famous pussy, so it could be her.

Another Round!

Liquor Store Find!!!!! 9 more words


Corpse Reviver #2

Halloween’s not really my bag, but I’ll certainly use it as an excuse to down a couple of my favourite cocktails.

A Zombie would be nice, but I don’t have the luxury of the fancy rums needed. 565 more words


St. Raphael Poster

A classic quinquina and if I could read French I might be laughing at that this St. Raphael poster suggests that it is for Hygienic Consumption.   41 more words


Du - Dubon - Dubonnet

Weekend before last I got another obscure aperitif wine. At least, I thought it was rather obscure. Turns out, it still sells quite well (albeit with a demographic skewed towards the elderly and particularly women of a certain age), was incredibly popular in the 30s, and was advertised like crazy in France up until at least the 70s and 80s. 1,202 more words