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Writing, a Selfless Act?

I write. This is a sentence. Now we both read it.

The moment I finish writing a letter, a word and a sentence; the reader in both you and I begin to read the letter, the word and the sentence. 78 more words


Q: Do you enjoy sport?

A: I am offended by the question.

Q: Why so, Sir?

A: Because that is almost all I do, play. And then when I am not playing, I think (about the game). 1,426 more words


Billy Bob

Ever wonder if Billy Bob has a split personality?


drawing blank

I’m drawing a blank as to what constitutes intellectual property.


first-hand learning

I went to college to learn first-hand about undergraduate debt.


own supply

The number one need for the bottom 99 percent is a money supply to call their own.


on the money

Some people are right on the money – the couch potatoes who are in the bathroom when you find change under the cushions.