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10 reasons to quit your job & travel the world

It’s 2018 and the world is smaller than ever, flights are constant and we are bombarded by photos of exotic destinations 24/7 but you have a full time job and you don’t know whether you are willing to give it up on the unknown but here’s the push that you might need. 547 more words


The Quickest Route To Financial Independence

About this time two years ago it became apparent that my job would soon be redundant. This wasn’t the shock that maybe it would have been to many. 1,148 more words

Early Retirement

Clueless in Joplin

Three weeks ago, I quit my job. Like, straight up walked out an hour into my shift.

Since then, I have been doing the stay at home mom gig. 450 more words

Mom Life

She Just Stopped Showing Up

What a WEEK!

We finally hired…and fired…our new hire. Yea, I’ll get into that in a little bit.

My coworker, our front desk admin, is on vacation for a week, returns later this week, I seriously CANNOT WAIT! 1,701 more words

The Office Dropout

Personal: Why I'm Glad I Quit My Job

Recently, I resigned from my job.  I had been working a bottom-of-the-barrel retail job for over three years, which to some of you, might be reason enough to quit already.  1,289 more words


Why Your Job May Be Better Than You Think

Despite living just over one mile from the gate, every day I drive Teenager Number 2 (TN2) to school. This is not as environmentally unfriendly as it sounds given that the school is on my way to work, which is several miles away. 769 more words

Early Retirement

Career Update: What I'm Doing Now & My Lack of Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been struggling with a lack of inspiration in my work. I want to be open about the fact that SURPRISE: I’ve returned to teaching for now. 294 more words

Personal Journey