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I quit.

I have not been regularly posting here like I wanted to. It’s been crazy! My inventory job hours started getting really nuts. I was trying to keep the job until the end of summer, but between the 5-6am start times and the jobs being in other towns 1-3hrs away, plus being scheduled 8 days straight with only one day off then another 6 days, not being able to consistently go to bed early enough to get enough sleep each night, I had to stop. 267 more words


Don’t Quit Your Job Yet; Leverage Your "9-to-5" Skills to Gain Entrepreneurial Experience

The internet has made it easier than ever for people to test the entrepreneurial waters by offering their products or services online.  More and more people are blogging with the hope of striking it rich than ever before, and new products and services are offered online every day.  675 more words

Welcome to Nomadic Freedom

This purpose of this blog is to be a chronicle, a record of a journey. The journey from where I am now to where I want to be. 205 more words

Shake it off

I made an embarrassing faux pas last week. A potential client from a big-name car manufacturer asked me for a quote. I went to great lengths to make my proposal look awesome. 430 more words

Female Entrepreneur

Stop, collaborate and listen

Yesterday I went to work for the first time in five months. My alarm went off. I groaned, rolled over, and instantly fell asleep again. Ahhh, just like old times. 661 more words

Female Entrepreneur

3 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Something to think about: YOUR job, the one you hate, is secretly someone’s dream job.
Doesn’t that blow your mind? What are those people in HR doing? 318 more words

Education And Jobs

The year of the Lingo

Happy New Year and all that, but sorry, I’m far too busy to share stories of gallivanting shenanigans. I’ve officially been back at work for eight days now. 683 more words

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