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So I've quit my job..

So this is where my blog begins, I’ve quit my job! Hooray! After months of playing the scenario over in my head of saying ” I quit ” and feeling sick with anxiety as I walked through the doors every morning, I finally plucked up the courage. 384 more words


Curiosity Didn't Kill The Cat

Everyone has heard of that common saying of curiosity killed the cat, but does that really make sense? Do we really want our children to not be curious so that they can grow up to become stifled adults? 124 more words

Why I Quit My Job...

Where I had previously worked was a great place, but every company runs into problems. Their’s was low company morale. I can only assume that my first boss (whom I totally loved and still do) left because she was too stressed out with the company. 504 more words

What am I Good At?

Every day people are talking about quitting their jobs and working for themselves.
Few are brave enough to do it.
Maybe they are scared to break out of the industrialized world and think big. 739 more words


Today I quit my job.

Today I quit my job- I’ve almost had this job for a year and it’s been a great run! It’s a great job, great people, and it’s really laid back. 409 more words

Should I quit my Erasmus job? – On failure, scrutiny and starting again

Nobody likes to admit failure. Especially not when seemingly every move you make is pored over by friends and family back home who are bursting with pride at brave old you being abroad. 2,099 more words

Third Year Abroad