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Day +12

Yesterday I received a surprise call from a former coworker, a guy that used to report to me. Suffice it to say, he’s not doing so good. 498 more words

Day +11

From time to time everyone needs a bit of motivation, a nudge in the right direction, and a swift kick in the ass depending on your current state of necessity. 121 more words

Day +7

One week gone.

Today I had an appointment with a financial advisor. Every year or so I try to carve out some time to talk investments, rebalance, and retirement planning with a quasi professional. 176 more words

So It Begins ...

So here it is, after years of talking about doing it I finally left my comfortable job to go travelling. Not very original I realise and neither is setting up a blog, but as someone once said at some point, what is really original anyway. 239 more words


Day +4

Time is such a wonderful thing!

Time to take a walk, time to support a local business, time to reconnect with old friends, time to update Instagram, time to write, time to get work done on the house, time to make lunch, time to make a dentist’s appointment, time to think, time to submit an application, time to go to a community meeting, time to take a longer walk, time to watch a movie, time to talk shop, time to meet new people, time to breathe. 18 more words

Day +3

My first day on the + side of the journey.

Can’t, doubt, no, unable, might, impossible, maybe, unsure. These are words that we hear far too hear often but in order to be successful we much learn to ignore them. 300 more words

Day 0

For anyone out there who has had a stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplant) or knows someone who has, you’ll understand that the day you receive your new cells is often referred to as ‘Day Zero’. 91 more words