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Should I Quit My Job?

As of today, my answer is: NO.

I want to resign from my job and travel the world for a year.

But honestly, it just isn’t feasible. 82 more words

Money Problems

Running Down a Dream

About a month ago, I made a huge decision when I decided it was time to leave my full-time, pretty steady marketing gig and focus my energy on creating and marketing my own fitness company. 973 more words


It's Complicated

Hmmmm. Posting my first blog entry here and am wondering, how much do I say?

I suppose I can start off with what happened. What lead me to blog. 258 more words

The Big Move...#newbeginnings #newadventure

OK guys. Here it is… It’s a long read so just warning you…I’ve been dropping a lot of hints about my #newbeginnings and #newaventure recently and many of you have been asking and pushing me to “buss di secret” lol …. 1,163 more words


Fuck it! Lets go somewhere!

It started with a feeling. A familiar feeling that I couldn’t quite place. for progress, change, growth. Something like that.
We were going to buy a house. 472 more words

Want to escape? Here is my "Guide to Escaping"

Most of us sit at work or at home or even in the pub and think “god what am I doing, I should just pack my things and go”, most think about it pretty frequently. 675 more words


March 18th, 2017

So I recently quit my job at a nursing home. I loved what I did and I loved my residents but there comes a point where the bullshit and drama just become too much and you have to ask yourself if being miserable is worth it. 196 more words

March 2017