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The hunt for cheesecake 

So I’ll admit I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolate, I love Pudim and I love cheesecake especially New York vanilla cheesecake. Now Camilla is Brazilian and that dish I mentioned called Pudim is a concoction that is made up from condensed milk, eggs and milk and it is delicious but, I’m sure it could easily cause diabetes if consumed daily. 910 more words


Monday Morning Blues

For the first time I remember, I’m dreading the prospect of Monday morning. There were other Mondays when I wasn’t excited to go to work because of a specific anticipated stressor, but this generalized loathing is new. 375 more words

Mental Illness

Counting The Days

17 days, that’s all we have left. Time has come creeping up on us so quickly we hardly noticed. 9 months ago we booked this and I remember my girlfriend getting that count down app and saying “Ahh its so far away”. 1,392 more words


But what are you going to do?

What am I going to do? What does an ex-teacher do? At first, it seemed unfathomable to me that I could just walk away from teaching. 418 more words

Leave Teaching

What made you decide to quit?

This is everyone’s first question when I tell them what I’ve done. So, in a nutshell … no, too much for a nutshell… in an itemized list, then, here are my top 5 reasons for quitting teaching. 697 more words

Leave Teaching


Burnout. I’m there. I’ve been there for a long long long time. No more fuel for the fire. No more gas in the can. I’m done. 326 more words

Leave Teaching

Washington DC - Beds 19 & 20, Country 7

By Triin

After my initial flashback upon returning to Washington DC, everything settled down. The weather was hot. July hot. A possible heat stroke hot. Instead of spending too much time in the blazing heat, we made our way to the Metro to catch a train to Springfield near Alexandria where we were going to stay at Chris’s house. 831 more words