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On a Mountain in Ecuador: Weekly Photo Challenge - Wanderlust

“This week, share a photo that represents travel to you.”

This was home for the days I visited my daughter on a permaculture farm in the mountains above Quito, Ecuador.I opened the door to a clear view of a snow-capped volcano.An ideal spot for meditation in the morning.Magnificent mountain views. 9 more words



Dave and I recently had an opportunity to visit other parts of Ecuador via bus.  Our friends Yvonne and Chris, who are on the final legs of their stay in Ecuador, agreed to dog sit while we were gone.  1,871 more words

You Gotta Try This: Spiced Poached Figs with Cheese

Somewhere in the streets of Quito’s old center, lost between a cathedral and an arts market, we found something that smelled like everything you’d want of a winter treat. 550 more words


At the Equator

Supposedly this is the true middle of the world, as opposed to Mitad del Mundo next door. Then again some say this isn’t it either… I didn’t look much into it, so I have no clue. 307 more words


Hola Lindo, un Poco de Agua Por Favor?

As I walked out of the Quito airport mouth agape, I ran into the arms of a waiting Lucas. The snow-caped mountains, looming volcanoes, and deep valleys took my breath away– literally– as Lucas and I drove away from the city to Cumbaya. 228 more words


I Wanna Live in a Crater

Or more specifically this crater. Pululahua Crater outside Quito. When viewed from the crater rim, as we came over the “hill”, it was all covered in clouds. 218 more words


Scenes from Quito in the dusk of 2016

Set high in the mountains, Quito was a sharp contrast from our experiences in Colombia. People were friendly, but more withdrawn and less cheerful. Markets were busy, but not bustling. 315 more words