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Mitad Del Mundo - The Middle of Earth 🌏

This place is one of the most popular tourist destination to visit in Quito, Ecuador. Because I has an equator line which divides Earth into Northen and Southern Hemisphere. 294 more words


/Have Kids, Will Travel/: 24 days in Ecuador

Day 7: Rucu Pichincha and Settling In

We stiffly roll out of bed with the rise of the sun. No alarm clock is needed. The geese, dogs, and bustling noises of the city only take a brief, two-hour break between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. 578 more words

Teleférico Quito

This is the first place of our tourist destination in Ecuador. This place was named Teleférico Quito. It is a cable car which is like one in Romania which it will go up to the high place where we could see all the view of the city, in this case Quito. 494 more words



“Paraguas! Paraguas! Tres dólares!”

I think I can count on one hand the number of days I spent in Quito that we didn’t get hit with some rain. 1,315 more words


Home of Single Origin Chocolate: Republica del Cacao

While I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate, I hunt for the best cacao drinks in the world- and this is why we went to… 401 more words


/Have Family, Will Travel/: 24 days in Ecuador

Day 6: Back to Quito

Our stay at high altitude in Quilatoa (12,841 ft) will help Chris acclimate for his big climbs, but it also means we’ll need to cut something from our previous plan. 1,428 more words

Bus Number 9

It was a Saturday afternoon in late January. Emmie and I filled our backpacks with snacks, sunscreen, and the biggest water bottles you have ever seen. 1,199 more words