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One thousand and one

Siedem dni w Ekwadorze. Kraj po drodze „do” i po drodze „z”. Kawałek lądu wciśnięty między Peru i Kolumbię. Nieodkryty podróżniczo. Jeszcze.

Ekwador ma wszystko: ocean, góry, wulkany, jeziora i dżunglę; różnorodną kulturę, niezliczone szlaki i zapierającą dech w piersiach faunę. 135 more words

The long road to Machu Picchu

Before we went to the Galapagos, we actually had four days in Quito. We had previously thought that we may stay one night, then head off to the jungle, or a river, or another town somewhere, getting the most out of our Ecuador experience. 3,074 more words


Dealin’ Them in Quito : CUARENTA

Don Marco shuffles the cards and then lays them in front of the player to his left to cut. Then, beginning with the player to his right, he deals five cards to each of the four of us sitting around the table. 1,837 more words


Quito and the Andes

It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to Colombia and move onwards to Ecuador. In fact, as I travelled south from Cali towards the border, I got sick with a fever for the first time since my journey began over 9 months ago, possibly my body telling me it doesn’t want to leave Colombia yet. 934 more words

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Dios le pague: words of thanksgiving

By Benjamín Le SVD
Quito, Ecuador
Central District, Ecuador Province

“Dios le pague.” These are the words spoken to me by senior citizens who come to eat lunch twice a week at the SVD Verbo Divino Parish in the Caupichu area of Quito, Ecuador. 800 more words

Things to know before traveling to Ecuador

Although Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, there’ s a lot of diversity, beauty, history and fun packed into one small area. 913 more words

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Reaching the Middle of the Earth in Quito, Ecuador

Our flight from Bogota to Quito is delayed by an hour, so it’s evening by the time we arrive at the Ecuadorian capital’s airport. We’re staying at Community Hostel, in the old town, and have arranged a pick-up service with them as the journey is around thirty to forty minutes by car. 1,463 more words

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