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Three Years Sober

A lot can happen in three years.

New jobs, new relationships, new cities, many beginnings, transitions and endings in an infinite lap of waves against the shore of eternity. 2,005 more words


Wants and Needs

A month after I quit drinking, I had a work trip to Louisville.  I’d been nervous about this trip from the moment I quit.  Free liquor had always been a vice of mine, an excuse to reach new levels of fucked-up.  2,187 more words


The Doomsday Prepper’s Guide to Getting Sober

It just occurred to me, four blog posts in, that I haven’t written a blog post about actually getting sober. The last four blog posts’ worth of information—filled with flippant, humorous observations about… 869 more words


Quitting drinking is hard, and doubly so for alcoholics. First off we must detox, a painful, stressful, anxiety-causing process; then we have to change the habit. 773 more words

Life Through Amber

Day 38, still sober

I haven’t had time to write anything over the last week but I’m still sober and doing OK. It’s been an odd week and my moods have been up and down like a rollercoaster though I’ve had no major cravings which is a good sign. 508 more words

Gum Surgery is Better than a Hangover!

Who in their right mind would choose the pain of gum surgery over a hangover?  That would be me.  Everything went well yesterday, and I was looking forward to chilling out, watching something stupid on Netflix, and icing my face.   176 more words

Quitting Drinking

One month

I now have a full calendar month of sobriety. I think I’ve only got this far once before but I’m not 100% sure, I’ve lost track there have been so many attempts. 643 more words