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Your drinking is RUINED.

See if you can guess how my first day of sobriety started. With a horrible hangover, of course! I’m still not sure what was so different this time. 1,792 more words


How did I get from drinking 60 units a week to four years sober?

by Sue S

When I started on my road to recovery I got referred to the local drug and alcohol support service where I was living at the time. 521 more words

Practical Stuff

6 months unoaked...

It’s been six months since I’ve had a drink – and that’s pretty unbelievable because drinking has been a pretty big part of who I am (was?!) for the last 20+ years… which is pretty much my entire adult life. 712 more words

Quitting Drinking

My Red Flags

The author of Unpickled, one of the first sober blogs I found, listed the “red flags” that told her it was time to stop drinking.   777 more words


The end and the beginning.

I got sober 6 months ago at age 43. How strange to write that. I am still amazed that this is how it’s turning out. I wasn’t going to be “one of those people,” those I deemed to be rigid and a bit simple-minded, unable to figure it all out. 1,774 more words


The Transformation Proclamation

Greetings again.  I hope that you are enjoying the small snippets I have written.  I am slowly adjusting and trying to improve the site and my writing.   753 more words

Day 21 - Less obsession and more pies please

A whole 3 weeks have gone by since I last had any booze. That’s the longest time without a drink in gawd knows how long, I can’t even remember it’s that long ago. 970 more words