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Why Am I So Tired?

Beginning last summer, I went to my primary doctor with complaints of fatigue, weight gain, muscle weakness and general malaise.  Routine blood word revealed that I was perfectly healthy.   364 more words


Day 25 sober

There are loads of things on the internet for the day by day timetable of quitting smoking ;

day 1 – Irritability, day 2 – Headaches… 557 more words


What I Learned Not Drinking For Two Years

I came across this fantastic post on Medium.com during the Christmas/New Year’s break; I don’t recall how I got there but it struck a chord in me so I saved the link in my drafts to share in the near future. 278 more words


What 18 Months Sober Looks Like

Later this month I hit the year-and-a-half mark.  It’s been interesting, adjusting to sober living. I knew it was necessary but thought it would suck. It doesn’t suck. 2,953 more words



Last night I cycled through a cold, dark, crispy, beautiful London. I stopped in the park and turned off my bike lights and just looked around and breathed. 713 more words

Why I'm Quitting Drinking for Good

I’ve always had a problem with alcohol, although I haven’t seen it that way until recently.   I thought that because I could go for long periods of time without having any — years sometimes — that meant I didn’t have a problem.  973 more words


Workout Wednesdays ~ Jan 6, 2016

I started working out last year around Halloween time.  Was doing great, even made it through Thanksgiving and still managed to get to the gym after the turkey holiday. 703 more words