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Being Seen

When I was two months sober, I went to a meeting on a day of the week I don’t usually go because I wanted to get my 2-month chip. 462 more words


Social Anxiety in Recovery, Part 3: Everything Old Is New Again

Soon after I quit drinking, I noticed a strange new development that I didn’t immediately connect with new sobriety. It is still ongoing, although I’m working through it. 1,530 more words


From the beginning...

I first posted this on Soberistas in February, I left the site the following day and I haven’t felt up to writing the next part yet. 910 more words


Social Anxiety in Recovery, Part 2: What the Hell am I Supposed to Tell People?

I went to a work party about six months before I quit drinking. Nothing dramatic happened, but it stands out in my memory of drinking related episodes toward the end, when I was trying so hard to drink like a normal person. 1,066 more words


Social Anxiety in Recovery, Part 1: Loss of the Lube

A common struggle for people in recovery–and a scary part of deciding to get sober in the first place–is navigating social situations without the glorious, wondrous, magical super lube. 853 more words


Lots to think about...

I have stated before that I have been extremely lucky in this, hopefully my last, attempt to become sober once and for all.  I haven’t had cravings, nor suffered any withdrawal symptoms.   524 more words


I do run a bit

by Jessie

I do run a bit …… I am currently training for my 6th marathon and running between 55 and 70 miles a week. But I really want to tell you that I started from almost nothing 7 years ago. 774 more words