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Sobriety For Good, This Time.

One of the most hacky ways to begin a blog post, in my opinion, is to comment on how long it’s been since the last post, and to apologize for the lack of activity on the blog. 1,104 more words

I'm Surrounded

I’m surrounded by booze at every turn!  It’s wine o clock Facebook tells me, emails show up from frequent flyer loyalty programs offering me award winning reds, updates from sober blogs come in from Twitter, colleagues telling me to relax with a glass after a stressful day.   64 more words

Life Decisions

An Unpopular Opinion

Quitting smoking is just one of the ‘habit changes’ I have on my 2017 to do list. There’s also quitting drinking, getting up off the couch, not spending money just because I have it and stopping comforting eating just because I’m sad. 1,335 more words

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Six hundred and one

Gosh. I’m trying to write a piece for a literary anthology that St. Mungo’s (a homeless charity) are putting together around drinking and recovery. I thought it would be an easy piece of writing. 297 more words

8 Steps I Took To Quit Drinking

1. Tell someone

Admit you have a problem to yourself, and then tell someone else so it’s out there and your ears hear your mouth say it and it’s real and you are accountable for it. 644 more words

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Another Milestone - and a Question

On February 18th, I marked two and a half years of continuous sobriety. This particular soberversary was greeted without fanfare, parade, treat, or celebration. Not sure how I feel about that. 381 more words