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Complete guide to overcoming you're addictions

From attempting to overcome my own addictions I have thrown myself into research of alcoholism and smoking, in particular, to aid me in my journey. A lot of people I know personally and from statistics show that they go through life reliant on various crutches which they believe tremendously improve their lives. 725 more words


First post

This past year I have made a lot of mistakes, I left home and slowly began to lose myself, my identity. I lost sight of what was important in life, my goals and dreams. 238 more words


It's a start...

I spent all day thinking about alcohol. ALL day. I can’t even be bothered to go through the thoughts that went round and round and round. 802 more words


The shitty shitty world of Blackouts.

Everyone has blackout’s don’t they?  by Sarah Hepola

I read this shortly after posting my blog yesterday. I didn’t search for it and it just came up on my Guardian news ap. 448 more words


Is this day two? Day two of what even?

I wanted to call this something along the lines of tired of thinking about drinking. But, I am guessing that if anyone does actually read this, they’ll have seen that sight and I’m not here to plagiarise ;) It was quite comforting seeing that title alone. 2,288 more words


And a year later. . .

My last two posts were a false start, as it were.  Or maybe the Braxton-Hicks/practice contractions of quitting alcohol.

As it turns out, I did drink again shortly after writing that last post.   1,032 more words


Smoking and Drinking

I do both. Everyone knows smoking is very detrimental to one’s health, yet still millions of us do it.

My wife didn’t smoke  until after we were married eleven years ago. 478 more words