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Am I an Alcoholic Revisited

One of the first blog posts I wrote was an off-the-wall quasi-alcoholism-self-diagnosis guide that I partially used to recognize I was an alcoholic. It was only semi-serious, meaning that while it was true, it wasn’t exactly a heart-to-heart with myself, looking deep into my soul or some shit, but centered on more flippant, humorous signs of alcoholism. 1,174 more words

in front seat of the emotional roller coaster 

well, i suppose it’s actually happening now. we have tried (or not tried, i’m not sure which). nothing is getting better. i am not happy, he is not happy. 1,303 more words

Yes, Sobriety Keeps Getting Better

I got through that tough spell.

It took five months, but I’m back and happy to report that my spring-into-summer tough spell did indeed shift as I knew it would. 949 more words


Five Choices for Your Non-Religious AA Deity

I’ve only been to AA once. I didn’t go back because I was a little creeped out by the religious aspect of it. Plus, the English-language session I attended was on the other side of town, and there are only so many Wednesday-evening bus rides through Oslo town center a man can endure before he blows his fucking brains out. 1,050 more words

How To Deal with the Stress of Sobriety Like a Whiny Baby

I’m eight weeks sober tomorrow, and I’ve never been whinier.

I’d been planning it for a long time, getting sober, and I’m starting to feel like I’ll never go back to my old ways of getting shitfaced every evening and weekend. 928 more words

a must read. . .

Had to jump in here and let you all know that I just finished reading Mrs. D is Going Without’s book by the same name.  A shout out to… 167 more words

Three Years Sober

A lot can happen in three years.

New jobs, new relationships, new cities, many beginnings, transitions and endings in an infinite lap of waves against the shore of eternity. 2,005 more words