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Something just doesn't sit right...

Cycling home in the rain I realised how I’m just finding it so hard to get my head around that I don’t want to drink. I must want to drink. 232 more words

Compulsive Watering

The Big A, {as my boss has endearingly nick-named my partner in crime, aka my boyfriend} has had an affinity towards the plants, the yard specifically. 532 more words

Change is good...

at least that’s what I’m telling myself… But it’s not working. When will I finally make the decision to quit drinking no matter what? What will make it stick? 253 more words

Alcohol Free

A month today.

It’s been a month today. Every ‘dry January’ I used to mouth off about how stupid it was about giving up for a month, how really it’s about changing your relationship with alcohol, whilst ‘happily’ drinking through January. 501 more words


Two weeks, compliments and an interesting dream

I’ve gone past the two week mark now and it’s still going well. Last night I worked the final shift of four in a row and got a bit of shopping before I went home. 400 more words

All the Alcohols

It’s not an easy thing to admit to, having a drinking problem. It’s easy to get caught up in all the reasonings why alcohol has become such a big part of your life. 546 more words


Day Two II

I did drink in Sardinia, and it was a very strange experience. Emotionally exhausted from the last few weeks I totally shut off my phone and didn’t connect to wifi. 1,128 more words