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nothing a mini banana split can't fix

I almost cried on the way home last night – I wanted a drink so badly it hurt.  But, instead I stopped at the grocery store and bought vanilla bean ice cream, bananas, peanuts, hot fudge and whipped cream.   17 more words


I amaze myself :)  Day 104 – where did the time go?  Back in October, November, December, January – all those months I wanted to quit SO badly but just could not lessen the grip I had on the proverbial bottle.   179 more words

Am I an Alcoholic?

Am I an alcoholic? There is something about the word that made me always think of sad old dirty people. Not me , surely. I remember in school a woman from AA came and spoke to us. 874 more words

Giving Up Drinking


I wanted to say thank you to those who respond with a comment to my posts.  It’s ever so nice to read them all.  I must apologize though for my not replying in return. 103 more words

steady as she goes

I would estimate that the percentage of people who are blogging (not just for our sobersphere) because they are or want to become writers is 80%.   286 more words

Wearing your underwear on the outside

This is what being sober feels like to me. I have nothing to hide behind, no cloak of protection, no naughty vampire lover to accompany me on an outing and whisper irreverent comments in my ear. 997 more words

Giving Up Drinking

Alcohol and Extraversion

Isn’t it funny how drinking makes us extraverted.

I have a totally “lay” understanding of the brain but I remember how I used to describe the brain functions to a class of students I tutored and used the example of what happens when we drink and get drunk. 766 more words

Giving Up Drinking