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I’ve given up!

Worry that is. You might remember when I gave up guilt?  Man, what a relief that was!  Now I’m going cold turkey on worry. 387 more words

Life Decisions

Why I'm Struggling to Quit Drinking

Quitting drinking means I’d have a problem with drinking, right? I don’t want to admit that I have a drinking problem. I will admit that I want to lose weight, gain mental clarity, become healthy, not have hangovers, not listen to people accuse me of having a drinking problem, avoid the looks given to me when I confess to having drank the night before and feel like I’m truly being the best version of myself for my boys, family and friends. 973 more words


A Not So Alcohol-Free January

Millions of us decide in January to go booze free.  In the UK this is headed by the Dry January campaign in which participants are encouraged to take a month off the booze. 969 more words


Penises Don't Work When You're Drunk for a Reason

Like a lot men in their thirties with a job, a mortgage, and a functioning pair of testicles, I’m toying the with the idea of having children. 1,010 more words

One year tomorrow

So, I hit one year tomorrow!! Woop woop! I’ll be at work so I’m posting a few hours early I guess. It’s hard to believe I’m at this milestone that once seemed enormously impossible, but here I am. 976 more words

Alcoholic Anomalous

After a fairly disastrous 2017 in terms of drinking, I’ve taken the giant leap of deciding I probably need AA. I’ve been once before. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, but I found it had the opposite effect of the one I’d desired: instead of dissuading me from drinking, it made me want to run to the nearest bar, put my head under the first beer tap to which I came, even if it were domestic, and drown my experience away to some darkly lit region of my consciousness. 815 more words