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Cats Are Great Weight Blankets

Over the past few weeks it’s started to get cold out here in wine country (great living choice when you are a bit of a lush right?), that combined with the lurgy I had the other week means that I’ve taken to doubling up a king size blanket and putting that over me at night. 239 more words

Life Decisions

Hungover (A Horror Story)

A sudden sharp intake of breath.

Oh God! Oh fucking God! What is this? Where am I?

Light dapples through the darkness, turning into thick, white, distorted lazer beams as the rays are captured and bent and twisted by my mangled eyelashes and my thick, crusty eye-goop. 2,183 more words

About that last post...

Hi everyone. I want to talk a little bit about that last post I wrote (“My perspective on dieting and booze“).

When I re-read that post (every other day since I posted it) I cringe as I viscerally react to my own know-it-all voice. 660 more words


Living Hawthorne

I’m off work today and the sky is grey and rumbly with distant storms. Today was supposed to be one of those super productive Mondays where I superhumanly tackled items on my to-do list before the rest of the week crashes onto me full of ER shifts and doctor’s appointments and tech week for yet another ballet production. 2,126 more words

Quitting Drinking

Only 9 More Fridays To Go

That’s right, I survived another Friday night under Belles 100 Day Challenge!  Only 9 more to go.

It helped that the lurgy that I last blogged about lasted all week, no desire to do anything but blow my nose (TMI, sorry) and wait for my taste buds to return. 87 more words


Quitting Other Addictions

A couple years ago, I was sent on a course for alcoholics by my employer, to learn about alcoholism and to be scared straight… that old chestnut that definitely works. 451 more words

Rough Night

We’ve all been there, waking at 3 am, head pounding, queasy stomach, sweating and badly dehydrated after weird dreams (I was in a kaleidoscope, which was not at all restful!) 125 more words