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i got this! or do i?

today makes two weeks since my last cigarette. as time goes on, im definitely feeling the benefits. but im struggling so bad. all the research i have done said at this point cravings should only occur about 2 or 3 times a day and last just a few minutes. 439 more words

I'm not finding myself. I'm working on myself.

And I like what I’m shaping up to be. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! ‘Finding yourself’ is going off expecting someone else to do the work. Head off to India, and there you are. 162 more words

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wish every day was a weekend

Weekends are so much easier for me to not drink. Can’t say why. You’d think it would be the other way around. But during the week, I guess it just becomes a routine to leave work, head to either the LQ or a bar, then go home. 318 more words

Lies! All lies!

Alcohol didn’t make me creative! ┬áIt wasn’t alcohol that wrote, printed and sold those zines. It wasn’t alcohol that made me write songs and lyrics and play instruments. 584 more words

Sober Women

18 hour job?

Not like I have lots to say that would interest any one at this stage. But, I see that there are a number of you out there at least checking out my blog from time to time so wanted to get in a few words of wisdom; some take-away’s maybe. 411 more words


I am going to do this. Somehow I am going to stay sober. I’m not going to take up smoking. I’m not going to hate myself. 340 more words

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Sober Post: Productive as Fuck

Three days stone sober. What a feat for a fully autonomous bachelor such as myself. What a feat for living in a country where there are no liquor laws. 239 more words