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Five more things I couldn't do as an alcoholic

I’ve been working hard on the second part of step 4 and I should be ready to share a little of that with the blog in the next couple of days.   991 more words

5 weeks and a day and thoughts about 'normal'

A while ago I was listening to a dharmapunx podcast and the teacher was talking about how our wanting to escape from everyday reality was influenced by the perspective from which we perceived our ‘normal’ state. 472 more words

early rambles

i woke up this morning at 5:30 on the dot.  i laid there for a minute contemplating getting up.  finally, i sprung out of bed, and like most normal and unnormal people, my first stop is the bathroom.   960 more words

Day 27 almost 4 weeks

I was going to write something to mark 3 weeks but I was busy working and didn’t get round to it. Then when I wasn’t busy working I was busy playing Xbox and still didn’t get round to it. 635 more words

Between Answer and Nothing: on quitting liquor and smokes for 45 days

by Angela Perez

Yesterday marked 45 days without cigarettes or alcohol. It’s hard for me to believe I’m saying this, but I don’t miss it.  Even gin’s bright juniper-mist voice falls on deaf ears.  336 more words

Day 18 and a huge step taken

As a major introvert I’ve always struggled with socialising and having to meet new people. This is probably the key factor that started me down the path of heavy drinking. 662 more words

Day 11

Soberizzy. I like it. My on-line support group “code name” after “sober”: Sober + Izzy = Soberizzy. Kinda sounds like “soberEASY”, and we know that’s not true! 20 more words