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The phrase above translates to “my fault”. Last post we mentioned how even the most ‘enlightened’ or ‘self-evolved’ of us can trip up and do things we know we shouldn’t do. 371 more words

Smoke and punctuation...

Today I have begun an attempt to give up smoking. It has been almost six hours since I have had a smoke. This is not long, but I feel as though the back of my head is missing, and everything is coming out. 512 more words

The things they don't tell you about quitting smoking...

Everyone knows the benefits of ditching the cigarettes. Hell, the negative consequences are published in graphic pictures all over the boxes, so if you don’t know the main benefit associated to smoking is to quit them you’re slower than I am. 1,273 more words

so blessed - part two.

good morning my lovely voodoo babies!

it’s the morning of new years eve and i’m currently sitting in the most uncomfortable office chair at work. i came in a little early today and decided to post before getting to work on the rest of my year end paperwork cause… priorities, right? 1,123 more words

Do You Smoke? 5 Steps to help you Quit

5 Steps to Quitting Smoking Step 1:  Have a plan

Once you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking and set the date, develop a plan. 232 more words

Peterborough Periodontist

Bad habits that can hurt your brain - WebMD

I  write often about the benefits the brain gets from exercise and how we should make regular exercise a priority as much for our mental health as physical. 798 more words


An Honest Piece About Quitting Smoking

This was one of the recent life decisions I made in order to make myself happier. Smoking is an isolating habit I formed when I was younger, not to mention it kills you! 1,203 more words