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6 Years? You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

The first therapist I worked with loved to torment me with moments of silence. I say torment because, for many of us, sitting with that kind of Nothingness is difficult. 370 more words


19th August

Hey folks,

Am absolutely gutted right now :( am injured!! Went for my run this morning as usual, and really struggled. Started getting pain half way through my run, in my inner thigh area. 320 more words


Compulsive Watering

The Big A, {as my boss has endearingly nick-named my partner in crime, aka my boyfriend} has had an affinity towards the plants, the yard specifically. 532 more words

Getting Hit From All Directions

It’s hard to describe what’s right in my life right now. Because not much is.

The only thing going well is my relationship with my boyfriend (BF) that I *broke up with*. 484 more words

16th August

Hey folks,

A lovely rest day today, and I certainly needed it! My doms from yesterday’s PT session have been insane! Not one part of me hasn’t hurt haha, but it’s all good :) 423 more words


The other side of the deep end...

I’ve always said the thing about a great story is that everyone wants to hear it but very few want to live it. Even fairy tails start dark and twisty. 787 more words

Day 3 of Zero Nicotine

Dispatch.  Almost noon.  Been here since 8.  Brain seems to be getting better, but withdrawing from nicotine really can make this job excruciating.  The last two days were 10 hour shifts on zero nicotine, and today is a 12.  686 more words

Entrepreneur In The Making