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What the Funk?

One of the most common feelings when first quitting smoking is being in a funk. Your intention to quit was great, but you quickly realize that time passes very slowly without a cigarette and thoughts of smoking are filling your head. 318 more words

Quit Smoking

The New Science of How to Quit Smoking

Studies show that most smokers want to quit. So why are some people more successful at cutting out nicotine than others? The latest studies looking at the brains and behavior of smokers may provide some explanations. 1,070 more words

Why I smoked? (written after quitting smoking)

I am happy to say that I have successfully stopped smoking. In this last month I realized that some of the situations in which I smoked really had nothing to do with smoking itself or with wanting to smoke. 360 more words

Something Personal

Almost 4 Weeks

4 weeks next Tuesday since I started vaping. Since then I’ve had maybe 4 cigarettes, I tried smoking yesterday, took 2 drags and put it out. 128 more words

Opened Shop

Well, it’s been almost 2 months since I quit smoking and I still don’t feel any better than I did before. Still having asthma attacks like crazy and still having trouble breathing. 203 more words


Needing a place to talk

I created this blog because I’m lost and need to find a way through, I’ve been reading other blogs and it seems to work for them so here goes. 309 more words

Quitting & Weight Gain

As of right now, I am just under 14 months smoke free. Let me tell you, I feel amazing! Well, other than the weight I gained. 385 more words

Quitting Smoking