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A new house; a new beginning

It’s been a bit since my last post, we’ve finally moved and are now settled in our new place. We have tons more space which is awesome for Jayden, he’s really starting to crawl now and playing all over the house. 213 more words


Three Weeks After Quitting Smoking

Three weeks after quitting smoking I’m not sure how I feel. I had a little bout of bronchitis that took away almost all temptation to smoke and I’m just now getting over it. 367 more words

Changing Behavior

Labor Day Monday

A day set aside to remember those who work hard every day to keep the world going around. It has been almost 20 years since in worked in the ‘real’ world, and to be honest I don’t do much in my ‘fantasy’ world, either. 343 more words

What happens when a smoker quits?

This is the yang post to yesterday’s yin which was all about the negative effects that smoking has on your body. Today the focus is on the positive. 21 more words


Quitting Smoking: Day 5 (Again)

I’m on day 5 of being a non-smoker, woo!!

My last attempt was yet another failure, I only managed to resist smoking for a couple of days. 671 more words

Giving Up Smoking.

Well I’m on day 2 of giving up smoking and apparently insomnia is a common side effect from starving your body of nicotine.

Apparently, taking naps (the only release from this cruel nicotine free world), drinking coffee and drinking wine also trigger this insomnia. 138 more words

Attack of the Dreaded Caffeine Wean

Just as I reach maximum irritability from quitting tobacco, in swoops the next wave of puritanical health-nut insanity: caffeine reduction.

Jesus Fuck, the caffeine reduction. 494 more words

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