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Dear Cigarette

I’ve been trying to give up, or at least cut down, on my smoking recently, but I’m finding it exceedingly difficult. I have come across a few quit smoking strategies that have suggested writing a letter to your cigarettes and defining all your problems within, so here it is! 735 more words

Anthony Whitehead

The quitting game, morning of the 11th day.

I can’t believe that I’m almost in the 2 week mark.

Still having some cravings but a lot less, quitting this habit after almost 20 years it’s something that I never thought I would accomplish, but here i am. 24 more words

Quitting Smoking

I quit. Smoking that is... 

Here I am again, take 20? actually lost count now!

I’m quitting because I would rather put the money towards treats for my kids. By my calculations I can treat them to a cinema/ bowling outing once a month with the money wasted on smoking. 722 more words

The quitting game, day 8

1 week gone.

Still having some cravings and feeling very hungry, since you’re expected to gain a little weight when you stop smoking I’ve been trying to eat healthier and drink lots of water. 51 more words

Quitting Smoking

Day 25 sober

There are loads of things on the internet for the day by day timetable of quitting smoking ;

day 1 – Irritability, day 2 – Headaches… 557 more words


The quitting game, day 4


Today was hard, i was a bit tense.

According to what I’ve read about quitting smoking your body should be nicotine and carbon monoxide free by day 3 or 4 so I’m getting clean as well. 8 more words

Quitting Smoking

8 Weeks

2 whole months not poisoning myself!

Today I spent 20 min on the elliptical, and it didn’t hurt – so that’s new…

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Quitting Smoking