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Quitting smoking - One major breakthrough

I think us humans have a way of trying to find a purpose in life. The most difficult part is not following or fulfilling the purpose but is how to define it. 717 more words

Cold Turkey

Peter Watts: How to stop 100 deaths a day from smoking in Canada

One hundred deaths per day in Canada are caused by smoking. That’s an appalling statistic.

The fight to convince Canadians not to smoke has been going on for decades and while progress has been made, the battle is not nearly won. 218 more words


Breathe Freely

I take a breath in, and then a breath out. It’s so strange that what should bring me life is slowly killing me.

The smoke tumbles through the air into the humid summer sunlight, escaping my body and entering the world—a new bird finally in flight, lying dormant so long in a stick filled with little leaves. 652 more words


When And How Am I Going To Quit Smoking

Now that I have taken time to address the vileness of the previous weekend I can get back on track with quitting smoking. I know the two don’t quite compare, but both are difficult things to deal with. 545 more words


8 Years, No Looking Back

The wall behind the cashier is filled with familiar colorful boxes, and I remember clearly how happy that used to make me. The ahhhhh of the fix, its brand name rolling off my tongue as if I were ordering filet mignon or sauvignon blanc. 261 more words


The journey of quitting smoking...

Cig update…haven’t smoked in 16 days! Feeling fabulous!

Sense of smell is returning little by little and it’s AMAZING to smell very subtle scents here and there. 1,059 more words

Quitting smoking - Take 5


How are you today?

I’m once more trying to quit smoking, although it’s the 5th time I’m trying eventually I’ll be stronger than the addiction. 52 more words

Quitting Smoking