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Sinewave position: In the middle

Usually, the word “quit” has negative connotations. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win,” and so on. In a way, this post is a ripoff because it’s not my story–it’s my husband’s. 684 more words

The Professional Quitters Guide To Quitting Smoking

1. Have A Good Reason

Quitting smoking is 50% conviction, and you’re bound to fail without it. It’s important to have your own personal cause that you can rally behind, your own banner to fly. 1,187 more words

Don't Quit Smoking!

I love to smoke cigarettes. I really do! If I could have the quality of life that I desire and continue to have a healthy body, I would smoke all day long. 770 more words


Even quitting smoking at age 60 can cut death risk

Even if you quit smoking at the age of 60, you can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke within the first five years, say German researchers. 57 more words


Set Yourself Up For Success

I recently wrote about the dangers of trying to take on too many simultaneous challenges while attempting to quit smoking in a blog entitled “What to do instead of smoking?” 292 more words


Men or Women: Who Has a Harder Time Quitting

Quitting Smoking
Healthyroads Newsletter, August 2013

Men or Women: Who has a harder time Quitting?

Sure, there are differences between men and women when it comes to smoking. 535 more words

Survey suggests e-cigarettes may not help you quit

The use of electronic cigarettes has grown exponentially in recent years. But growing evidence suggests they may not be achieving their intended purpose of helping… 765 more words