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Day 20: No Craving Day!

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I’d say depending on the habit sometimes it takes longer. That said: today I have had zero cravings. 655 more words


Day 8

Well, I’ve managed to go a week without help from a patch or nicotine gum. My previous attempts to quit smoking has taught me that the first week is hard, but not the hardest. 194 more words

Cigarettes Are The Enemy

The Sky is not Falling. FDA Regs.

The FDA put out the regs and it seems to have caused a little panic in the vape community. Please do not panic. The bottom line is the regs are not good and they did not change the grandfather date. 320 more words

Ecigs/electronic Cigarettes

Day 15: Getting the hang of this

I suppose there will be good days and bad days. Today, was a good day. I’ve discovered I really like vaping while I drive. It is my only habituated situational cue that hasn’t dissipated. 312 more words


Day 1

Today, once again, is Day 1 of quitting smoking. Had my last smoke at noon, so I’ve gone roughly 8 hours without a puff. My last few attempts have been with the use of a patch, but this time around I’m trying to go cold turkey. 37 more words

Cigarettes Are The Enemy

Three-Quarter Shimmy

In belly dance there’s something called the three-quarter shimmy (see here, at about 2:20).

It goes up-down-up on one hip, then up-down-up on the other. 222 more words


Day 10: Normal is Boring but that is okay

I felt great today. Still had my afternoon crash- might look at how I can change what I am eating/drinking during the day to see if I can alter that because right now that crash is my main craving or time that I would really want some nicotine. 311 more words