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Feeling Better...

I have to say, I was pretty taken aback by how awful I felt for about two days after the cigar puffing incident. If that is how I feel after a bit of cigar puffing, I don’t think I can let myself smoke at all at the conference or let myself and suffer the consequences. 616 more words


Do Not Lose Sight of Your Goal

For me, this is one of the biggest lessons: not losing sight of my goal. I mean it’s huge guys, I’m not even kidding. There are several junctures in the quest to quit smoking including a mind fuck known as the “celebratory cigarette” or the “odd cigarette.” What happens here (and I’ve experienced it) is that because you’ve been quit for 3 months, you falsely think you are… 608 more words

Anxiety: when thinking about the problem makes it worse.

I haven’t really ever had a problem with anxiety. At least, never enough that I felt the need to “go talk to someone” as literally anyone would always suggest. 210 more words

Life Updates

Quitting a Habit

I certainly understand that quitting anything is surely difficult. It probably is losing a part of yourself depending on what it is. As I am watching a friend of mine struggling with quitting smoking for the fourth time, I keep trying to help her out and keep her motivated. 83 more words

Nicotine Diaries [Entry No. 4]

Date: 26 January 2017

Status: Figuring that out

Topic: Well, here we are again

Years later, you rejoin me and this series from a smoky balcony, which is starting to seem like my natural habitat. 1,119 more words


Day 1, again 

I broke down around 5 PM and smoked a cigarette, then again 3 more times during the night. My husband who hid my cigarettes for me versus throwing them out in the garbage, (who is slightly an enabler by always wanting to see me happy), left the pack for me before going off to bed. 110 more words

Quitting Smoking