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Notes From The Good Life

This new life I have, you know, the one where I usually workout at least once per day, sometimes twice; the one where I am uberconcious of what I put into my body–veggies, berries, whole foods, raw foods, yogurt, protein, organic;–you know, the on where I often become ELATED at the LITTLE, SIMPLEST things that this BEAUTIFUL life has to offer; this life is  470 more words

Craving a Butt

I want a cigarette. I quit years ago, but that doesn’t stop the cravings now and then. They are lesser (is that a word?) than ever. 194 more words


On Smoking or "I'm So Sorry Mom."

TW: smoking, cigarettes, drug and alcohol use, heroin, overdose

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16. I smoked until I was 19. I quit in 2013 after I had a really bad case of the flu. 871 more words


War With Myself

I sure as heck didn’t see my day ending like this….

I can’t do it anymore. They say that getting older and quitting smoking are both good for you….how come no one told self esteem that? 774 more words


HAPPY to be a non-smoker!

The moment of true liberation (only, nothing is ever 100%) has finally snuck up on me. I hope that after you’ve worked so hard at quitting, the moment of true liberation will sneak up on you, too. 1,123 more words

Man Feet and Handbags

After I was finished paying the bills yesterday, I noticed that I had more money left over than usual.

Well shit, I thought to myself. What a lovely surprise. 367 more words



About two years ago Dean and I came to the realization that we needed to make some changes to our lifestyle for health’s sake.  By eating more whole foods and exercising, we made some amazing progress!   225 more words

The Second Act