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Day 3

Healthy: Well, I still haven’t smoked  a cigarette, nor have I been tempted to. But I haven’t put myself in the position to be tempted so far. 966 more words

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Cigarettes Suck

I started smoking when I was just eleven years old and I did it because it was something that I could get away with behind my adoptive parents backs. 81 more words

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Day 2

Healthy: Not smoking yesterday was difficult, but so far the motivation is staying with me. When I start thinking about wanting a cigarette, I have this picture in my mind of the blood vessels in my fingers literally shrivelling up with each imagined drag, and that works fairly well to de-romanticize the idea. 626 more words

Daily Log

Last day of week 3

Tomorrow week 4 starts, when I’ve gotten through that I’ve been smoke free for a month. For some reason managing a month is like a magic goal for me, not sure why. 134 more words


Quitting Smoking: Day 5

Well the first three days went well!

I’m not about to quit quitting, but unfortunately I have succumbed a couple of times over the past 2 days :( 428 more words

I don't get it

So I’m away from home, away one can call it. It’s not a vacation away, it’s a working away. I get yum breakfast.

I also get to set my alarm for a bit after 6 am to have time to eat that breakfast before my 7am pick-up. 123 more words


Quit smoking - 2nd attempt 

Day 2 – Run Forest, run.

That was me, running away from cigarettes.

Good night


Quitting Smoking