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Day 5....

Day 5 of not smoking for D and myself, can only be described by the following gifs found on Giphy:

And that’s all I’ll say about it for now… 10 more words


Between Answer and Nothing: on quitting liquor and smokes for 45 days

by Angela Perez

Yesterday marked 45 days without cigarettes or alcohol. It’s hard for me to believe I’m saying this, but I don’t miss it.  Even gin’s bright juniper-mist voice falls on deaf ears.  336 more words

Day 4, and Oh Lawdy...

D and I seemed to be okay yesterday when we both got home from work.  There didn’t seem to be any irritability, neither one of us seemed stressed.   432 more words


Day 2...and going strong

Day 2 of quitting smoking for D and I, and we’re going strong!  Yesterday was a rough day for me, but it was even worse for D.   311 more words


One Step Forward...

…two steps back.

Now that most of my family knows this, I can put it on the blog without freaking anybody out. The short story is, even though I feel like hell, I don’t have a catastrophic illness. 705 more words

Day 1...

Today is Day 1 of no cigarettes.  I quit for 5 years after my ex got sick, and then a couple of years ago I started up again while on vacation.   400 more words


Day 55 - No thanks I don't smoke.

So the high has worn off. My productive month of March is over. I did write my scripts. I did book a flight for the end of April but I must admit the past week has been tough. 256 more words