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May is upon us...

Spring has sprung and I’ve gotten quite a tan! Been out for two whole days and I have the color to show for it, finally. … 281 more words


Oh Sugar!

I’m not sure how my timing is with this post, coming right after Easter when we (you?) have probably gorged ourselves on chocolate but have you noticed how we are being bombarded with the “SUGAR IS BAD” message lately?   515 more words


Quitting Sugar or the Descent into Madness. 

I’m sure you’ve read an article (or 779 of them) or heard a news report about the benefits of giving up sugar. So, I’m not writing about any of THAT other than to point out that while all the touted benefits may be true, any article I’ve seen omits the “descent into madness part”. 396 more words


Krispy Kremes – the crack of the cake world

On Monday I was tired from over indulgence and interrupted sleep over the weekend, so I was vulnerable to the lure of the sugar kick. My colleague bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the office to celebrate some good news, and my resolve to be “good” this week cracked at the first whiff of sugar. 535 more words


Quitting Sugar Update: Phasing Sugar Back In

We made it through!

More than that, we made it through feeling great and ready to start phasing sugar back in slowly. We have both said that it’s not only been worth it, but that… 1,355 more words


What happens next...

So, you’ve quit sugar. Well no I have, you know what I mean.

What happens then?

What happens when you quit sugar is- sugar takes over your life! 927 more words

Quitting Sugar Update: Week 3

Week 3 of the sugar-detox is over – and the final week countdown has begun

I’m looking forward to a handful of raspberries and a few squares of dark chocolate, I have to say! 830 more words