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Sugar Isn't Just Sweet

Three years ago I posted an article All Sugars Are not Equal and now lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about sugars and sugar substitutes, so I thought it was time to remind you all that Sugar Isn’t Just Sweet! 839 more words

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"Game changer!?..."

Where the hell have all you lot been?! Shit, it’s me this time isn’t it – not you… I know, I’ve been gone ages right! So anyway, how have you all been? 808 more words


My sugar addiction

The problem:

So as you can see from the this delicouse picture of my very heavily chocolate covered waffle in my beloved Amsterdam I love me some sweet treats. 670 more words


Giving up Sugar... and trying to be an Athlete!

This is not easy…

All I’ve done is give up sweets & chocolates…  And on Saturday I did a new Parkrun (which was very, very tough) and I craved simply everything sugary and sweet in sight.   363 more words


Giving up Sugar - and battling with my decision!

Oh, man, last week in my quest to quit sugar, I decided to start off slowly and cut out just sweets and chocolates.  Bread, biscuits, donuts, etc can come later.   388 more words


One Trick that Helped me Ditch Pepsi

Or Coke, or soda or pop or whatever the name you give to high sugar beverages in your area.

I’m not THE hyper-fit guy (I’m a writer god damn it!) but I was going pretty fat a little over two years ago. 309 more words

Giving up sugar - a piece of cake?

A little over a year ago, I bought a book called I Quit Sugar For Life. I’d heard of Sarah Wilson in passing before, but never really looked into her I Quit Sugar programme as I didn’t have any intention of giving up sugar. 705 more words

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