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What's a Birthday Without Cake?

So yesterday we celebrated my father’s 70th birthday.  And with any birthday, comes dessert.  Specifically cake.  Cake and ice cream.  Homemade vanilla ice cream to be exact.   386 more words

Sugar Free for Me

So what does it mean to quit sugar?  For some, it’s quitting refined sugars like table sugar and foods that contain table sugar or high fructose corn syrup, but still allowing natural sweeteners such as honey or molasses.   445 more words

Sugar Void

It’s been almost a month since quitting sugar.  Granted it hasn’t been the most pleasant thing, it’s been worth it.  Sorta.  Those of you who love your sweets like I do know that having our best friend their anytime we are ready is like a little burst of happy.   176 more words

a day in the life | the state of play

This is where I am right now. After lots of research, I’ve decided I don’t want to count calories but I do want to analyse my sugar intake and review the amount of food I’m consuming along with portion sizes. 128 more words

Weight Loss Diary

seat of motivation

I’ve started writing out my efforts to gain health and beat sugar because I needed to take some accountability for my eating habits. After watching… 108 more words

Weight Loss Diary

A Conversation with Hollywood

It’s was a regular day a week or so ago and Hollywood and I are in the bathroom doing some couple talk.  You know, away from the kids.   419 more words

Caramel Sauce and Cake Topper

Who doesn’t like a caramel sauce, huh?! …if you’re  wanting to use up some muffins  or making a fresh batch how about making a caramel sauce or topper which will make it feel like a decadent treat or a beautiful way to show someone how much you love them … anyway, that’s the excuse I’m using and I’m sticking with it!!! 422 more words