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Return of the Mac

So, there appears to be a slight return of the mojo. I had a productive first day off yesterday, I finally had the words ‘outstanding’ mentioned in my performance management review after 9 years of trying my best and I’ve made some lifestyle decisions. 634 more words

Weight Loss


Since my last post seven weeks ago – I can’t believe it’s been that long – I’ve been quietly plugging away at maintaining some habits that are slightly healthy. 764 more words


No sugar update - day 29

Today is Day 29 of my 30-day reset of not eating sugary snacks and treats. It’s gone surprisingly well.

When I started my mission get back into my no sugar lifestyle, I imagined that I’d slowly cut out one day’s treat over a period of several weeks and that by the end of it I’d be back on track. 642 more words


30 days - let's keep going!

About this time last year I started the ambitious project of undertaking a series of 30-day challenges. It kind of worked and kind of didn’t. 565 more words


Escaping Discomfort

I used to think I was a fat girl inside a skinny girl’s body. I trained for so long in a weight-controlled sport that I was always aware of my weight – usually accurate to within a 100g. 582 more words

Siobhan Kangataran

A Reminder to Go Easy on Yourself

Only because apparently “How to Write an Inspirational Blog Post After You’ve Just Eaten Half a Block of Chocolate All by Yourself” is not an acceptable title for a blog post. 411 more words

Personal Growth