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The importance of being prepared when quitting sugar.

Still officially cutting back this week. But I’ve pretty much cut out most sugar at this stage anyway- I feel like I might as well just do it rather than prolonging the inevitable. 589 more words

Quitting Sugar

Sugar Free Snacks.

Naturally after we eat breakfast at some point in the day we like to snack.

I used to snack alot more but I have found myself being sustained for longer because of the food I am eating. 145 more words


Our pantry is not what I think it is.

I always thought we ate well. Our pantry is full of what looks like good food. But then I took a moment to look at the nutritional and particularly sugar content and I can see we have been deceived. 231 more words

Quitting Sugar

week one of quitting sugar

Cutting back on sugar hasn’t been as challenging as I anticipated- but maybe that is because I was still eating cake. What is it with cake being everywhere I turn right when I don’t need it? 390 more words

Quitting Sugar

The detox begins

The detox begins.

Cutting down.

This week we are officially on week one of the I Quit Sugar detox. We have been cutting back on sweet food and sugar for a week already, but just wanted one more week to eat the food we have rather than throwing it all in the bin. 208 more words

Quitting Sugar


I’m tired.

I’m so tired.

I’m sick of being tired. I’m sick of saying I’m tired.

With tiredness comes consuming copious amounts of sugar, thinking that this is all I need to feel better and be able to function for the day. 340 more words

Quitting Sugar

Quitting Sugar // The Experiment Begins

Tomorrow my significant other and I are starting an 8 week sugar detox and to be honest we are not looking forward to it. BUT it needs to happen. 519 more words

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