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I'm not anti-social, how about you? ....

With a significant amount of jetlag and a huge dollop of sugar withdrawals after a rather indulgent trip back to the UK, where we spent time catching up with family and attending my daughter’s graduation ceremony … I have got to hold my hands up and concede that I’ve been rather anti-social of late, not like me I know, sorry! 1,352 more words


No sugar update - day 29

Today is Day 29 of my 30-day reset of not eating sugary snacks and treats. It’s gone surprisingly well.

When I started my mission get back into my no sugar lifestyle, I imagined that I’d slowly cut out one day’s treat over a period of several weeks and that by the end of it I’d be back on track. 642 more words


30 days - let's keep going!

About this time last year I started the ambitious project of undertaking a series of 30-day challenges. It kind of worked and kind of didn’t. 565 more words


Escaping Discomfort

I used to think I was a fat girl inside a skinny girl’s body. I trained for so long in a weight-controlled sport that I was always aware of my weight – usually accurate to within a 100g. 582 more words

Siobhan Kangataran

A Reminder to Go Easy on Yourself

Only because apparently “How to Write an Inspirational Blog Post After You’ve Just Eaten Half a Block of Chocolate All by Yourself” is not an acceptable title for a blog post. 411 more words

Personal Growth

Baby steps

So I’ve now publicly confessed that I’ve become somewhat more relaxed about sticking to some of the healthy life choices I’d been succeeding with, and have had a good hard look at why it might be a good idea to make some changes to get things back on track (she writes with a glass of wine in one hand). 1,179 more words


Wake up and smell the Roses? ....

I caught up with Hollie Azzopardi the other day and wanted to ask her a bit about sleep.

I’ve been following her blog and Instagram… 1,644 more words