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Quit My Job Using This Spicy Essay

Image here :D

Greetings there, you slightly temperature-filled bags! It is I, the vastly unknown Crunchkaike, and today I got a rather simple piece for you. 1,956 more words

PCT: Day 56

I camped on and off during my early twenties with my friend Tim. We drank far more than we camped. Fortunately there aren’t any pictures to document those expeditions! 641 more words


At a crossroads, my friends. Perhaps it is time to withdraw completely. I may relinquish this persona so she may retire into the west, as they say… 11 more words

Another Thrilling Episode

From Content Tourist to Quitting - How People Quit WoW

One thing I’ve avoided engaging with too much has been the idea of player loss during Battle for Azeroth.

While it is true that the game has likely lost players (the most recent quarterly MAU metrics revealing a 8.5% loss across all Blizzard games), the thing I think that is tricky to breach from this side of the fence is why that might be. 1,524 more words


My last week before a 3 months break

This is it, my last week of work before I leave for a 3 months break 😱

It’s quite overwhelming. I feel like a child the night before Christmas. 203 more words

When should you give up?

By David Joel Miller.

Should you give up or keep going?

You read a lot of advice that tells you to never give up. But I think we’ve all seen people who continue doing something which never had a chance of success. 897 more words


Online honesty

Due to the recent online beef between Youtubers I had not come across before (Tati and James Charles) I felt the need to discuss online debates, honesty, “receipts” aka texts sent and screenshot, and the power of being honest or holding back online. 237 more words