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The Nydam Quiver - part 2

In part 1, I’d stopped just after splitting the turned quiver into two parts. From this point, it’s just a matter of removing all the bits where arrows should go. 205 more words


(Almost) Every Bag I've Owned in 25 Years

As I stated before, I have a problem with bags. In my search for the one bag to rule them all, I’ve amassed a large pile of bags. 3,157 more words

Gear Review


the turbulent ghats

the serene river

a bouncing heart

a hand quiver

the bunch of roses

a diamond ring

thousands dreams

a sudden sting

the sacred chants… 9 more words


Fleeting Water in the Bottle

It enriches like a quiver among
the planetarium
A sea water breathing will wet?
The infinite ice of a planet,
I could enchant perfume, heart, and sea’s skin… 83 more words



Little brown sparrow,

as you flit from branch to branch,

the oak tree quivers.


Quiver: Reversing the Roles

This Quiver page was a part of the Pressure series within the 2016-2017 yearbook.  It was centered around males entering stereotypically female fields and defying certain expectations.   15 more words

Page Design

Quiver: Past to the Present

This page was centered on the history-focused activities within Lake Central. On this Quiver page,  I contributed by helping to select the pictures for the page and assisting with the alt copy.   24 more words

Page Design