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Specialist: video game soundtracks

From the quiz on 18/10/16. Download here.

  1. Super Mario World

  2. Tetris

  3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  4. Team Fortress 2

  5. Doom

  6. Final Fantasy X…

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Specialist: Pokémon (generation I) [II]

From the quiz on 18/10/16. This specialist topic is also covered here.

  1. In Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, which Pokémon obstructs Routes 12 and 16 and can only be woken up with the Poké Flute?

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Art & literature 30

From the quiz on 18/10/16.

  1. According to the opening lines of the poem by Spike Milligan, on the Ning Nang Nong which animals “go Bong!” and which animals “all say BOO!”?

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Food & drink 32

From the quiz on 18/10/16.

  1. Which spirit is the principal alcoholic ingredient of the zombie, mai tai and mojito cocktails? Rum

  2. Which German confectionery company produce the biscuits and cakes Hit, Pick Up!, First Class, Messino and Choco Leibniz?

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Musical excerpts 103

From the quiz on 18/10/16. Download here.

  1. La Roux – Bulletproof

  2. Yazoo – Only You
  3. Groove Armada – At the River
  4. Traffic – Paper Sun…
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Entertainment 43

From the quiz on 18/10/16.

  1. In which US state are the TV series Men Behaving Badly (US), Parks and Recreation, Stranger Things and The Middle all set?

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General knowledge 103

From the quiz on 18/10/16.

  1. What animal were the Tamworth Two, who escaped from an abattoir and went on the run in Wiltshire for an entire week in 1998?

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