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Specialist: the Bath Brew House quiz

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. In September of which year did the Bath Brew House quiz begin? 2014

  2. Order these regular rounds by total appearances at the Bath Brew House quiz (as of September 2017): Food & drink, Connections, Entertainment, Trivia snake E (65) > F&D (45) > TS (38) > C (15)

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Specialist: Danny DeVito

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. Which villain does Danny DeVito play in Tim Burton’s 1992 film Batman Returns? The Penguin

  2. Danny DeVito played Martini in the 1971 off-Broadway revival of which 1963 play, before reprising his role in the 1975 film adaptation of the same title?

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Connections 15

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. Which fictional American private investigator is a Vietnam War veteran and former Navy SEAL, drives a Ferrari 308 GTS, and has a daughter named Lily Catherine Hue by his ex-wife Michelle?

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History 43

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. During his inauguration as 35th US President, who famously stated “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”?

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Geography 45

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. What symbol appears on the national flags of Kiribati, Malawi, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uruguay and Argentina? Sun

  2. Which continent is the only one that lies in all four hemispheres (Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern)?

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Musical excerpts 146

From the quiz on 12/9/17. Download here.

  1. The Crystals
  2. Hanson
  3. Little Richard
  4. Mike Posner
  5. The Supremes
  6. Goldie Lookin Chain
  7. Handel
  8. Basement Jaxx
  9. Fever Ray…
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Sport & games 44

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. Which of the four tennis majors is held first each year, usually in late January? Australian Open

  2. In which sport is play restarted by the referee calling “crouch, bind, set”?

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