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Quiz - Projectiles

Before Class Preparation:

Finish projectiles Braingenies

In Class Work:

15 minute : Projectiles (SUVAT Equations provided)

Can you:

  • Deduce the path of a projectile
  • Solve for horizontal & vertical components of a projectile…
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Topic 2


The Allosaurus is a dominant flesh eater.

  • An Allosaurus could nearly run at the speed of 37 MPH !
  • Footprint evidence suggests that Allosaurus hunted in packs and may have raised it’s young in large nests.
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Ever wondered how chocolate or flowers realtes to what bra you should wear? Or even how your favourite drink of choice determines wether you should go for the lacey number or the classic t-shirt bra? 117 more words



Here is a riddle my dad gave me. Can you figure out the answer?

.                       .                        .

.                      .                          .

.                      .                           .

Here are nine dots; can you connect them with only four lines?