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The First Week of Learning Chinese

I got fever and toothache at the same time so I couldn’t study, I just slept away my weekend. Today I continued to lesson 5, about more ‘curled tongue’ consonants: zh, ch, sh, r, and another type of consonants, the ‘tongue-and-tooth’ ones: z, c, s. 230 more words

Learning Chinese

Moosmosis: Science Member of the Month Awards

Science Collab: Moosmosis & Science ROCKS!

Moosmosis is proud to announce its official collaboration with the <Science ROCKS> Group at Quizlet. Founded in early 2010, Science ROCKS is one of the largest science study groups on Quizlet with over 1,090 members and young scientists from around the world. 379 more words


Quizlet for Memorizing Chinese Words

From lesson 4, I learned about aspirated – unaspirated sounds, and pronunciation of 14 consonants (out of 21).

What I need to remember:
‘qi’ sounds like ‘chi’, 231 more words

Learning Chinese

Top 100 Verbs - Korean


I liked the top 100 verb list found above, and since I use word associations to memorize verbs, I worked on this list a bit, to separate the single column into two columns. 472 more words

Word Lists

Excel Text Manipulation

Source: http://www.fecielo.com/dj-soda-secrets/

DJ Soda (黄素熙) and I have a lot….actually nothing in common, although many people think I’ve had plastic surgery when they first meet me. 1,399 more words



While Summer is a time for our annual brain break and laying on the beach enjoying nothingness; it’s also a time to get ahead in our classes next year. 260 more words


Household Objects

MAIN ACTIVITIES discussing and writing descriptions, watching a clip, using online Star Wars vocabulary flashcards

SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, intermediate (B1) and above

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes. 20 more words

Lesson Plan