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Beautiful People August: Jean & Cobalt

Hey, everyone!

I’ve seen this chain around a few times, but it never really grabbed me before. But this month, the theme was friends. And that’s the best possible thing I could do for my characters along this chain. 621 more words

The Amazing You Tag

It must be tag week. I got tagged again by three different people over the last few days. At least it was for the same thing, so just pretend I’m doing this three times. 690 more words


Infinity Dreams Award

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been nominated by writinganyone for the Infinity Dreams Award, which is something I’ve never done before.

Rules are:

-Thank the person who nominated you. 794 more words


Obsessions - Quizzes (25)

December 5th, 2014 

Hey there everybody!
I hope this month has been treating you well! Personally, well I also hope the same… I don’t remember exactly, but isn’t the month of February the month for midterms, and stuff like that? 541 more words


Dragon on My Neck - For Teachers!

I am very excited to let you all know that, along with writing, I have now started a TPT seller’s page. This page currently includes reviews and quizzes for Barbara Hay’s  398 more words


A Cryptic Message from my Cousin Part 2

My identical cousin has sent me another of his peculiar newsletters again. Same as last time, he insists there is some kind of ‘theme’ that he has secretly hidden throughout the document. 141 more words

Urban Green Space

Do you know your HIGH SCHOOL authors well? Check out here!

If you’ve participated in all other quizzes posted by us, this quiz shouldn’t take you precisely more than 2 minutes! Can you recognize these authors? 47 more words