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Listen to the "Music of the Spheres!"



 There’s music “out there” . . . “in here” . . . and EVERYWHERE!

         It never fails.  Everytime I ask for something of the Universe, I receive it, and almost always it comes through someone else.  326 more words

Frequency Shifting

Spiritual Quantum Physics The Age of Aquarius

Spiritual Quantum Physics

Part 2

The Age of Aquarius

Astrologically speaking we are in what is called the Age of Aquarius. Physically speaking we, as a solar system, are in a different space in our Milky Way Galaxy. 810 more words


Quantum Physics God


God is a word that has interested man from time immemorial. Nobody really knows how long man has walked this planet. There are so many theories, and abstractions that there would be no way to record them all. 818 more words


3 Remembering Mary Magdalen: In Aramaic!

I have always been open to that which is unseen, unheard, unfelt by others. Although traditionally trained as a family nurse practitioner and in spite of  post graduate courses in molecular biology, quantum physics, neuro-immune-endocrinology, functional genetics and integrative medicine, I trust my intuition to guide me. 484 more words