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Java 6 Scripting is no js.jar

Today I wanted to put together a QUnit-CLI example that leveraged Java 6’s included scripting features.  Seeing as the Java 6 JDK includes a recent version of Rhino as its primary JavaScript engine, I thought this would be a piece of cake.   533 more words


QUnit-CLI: Running QUnit with Rhino

Previously I talked about wanting to run QUnit outside the browser and about some issues I ran into.  Finally, I have QUnit running from the command line: … 597 more words

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QUnit and the Command Line: One Step Closer,

Previously I talked about getting QUnit JavaScript tests running on the command line using a simple Rhino setup.  Hacking a few lines together meant that we could run our tests outside the constraints of a browser and potentionally as part of an automated build (e.g. 837 more words

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Make JavaScript tests part of your build: QUnit & Rhino

I know some zealous Asynchronites who don’t believe code exists unless:

  • it has tests
  • code and tests are in source control
  • tests are running on the continuous integration (
  • 970 more words
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