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Quo Vadis?

It comes from the phrase in Latin, “Where are you going?” The story goes that the Apostle Peter, fearing the coming persecution from Emperor Nero following the burning of Rome, fled the city from the Porta Appia. 1,165 more words


Die kitaarmakers

Ons vlieg na Manila in Filipyne vanaf Kota Kinabalu uit Maleisië. Tot ons otnugtering hoor ons dat ons bewys van ‘n uitvliegkaartjie moet hê. En net daar moet ons kaartjies koop. 1,016 more words


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Quo Vadis? Cui bono? History, bullshit, and the corporate university

A public art competition sounds like a good thing, in the abstract. (Thanks, folks, I’ll be here all week.) On the other hand, people like me tend to think that context counts for a lot. 2,223 more words


Quo Vadis?

Welcome back! To kick off our Nobel journey, I’m bringing you a pretty hefty historical novel – ‘Quo Vadis?’, by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

First published in 1895, it comes from a Polish writer whose spotless Catholicism is perhaps best indicated by the fact that, at his funeral in 1916, Pope Benedict XVI made a personal address! 394 more words


Mark Rathbun Blog Takeover

This is unbelievable. I posted the following this morning on Mark Rathbun’s blog knowing it would not be approved:

“So, I’m on to you. Mark Rathbun is not running this blog anymore. 377 more words