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Walk the Talk to Sydney's State Library.


After arrival by train we undertook a walk to the Library to deposit ten books as part of two literary competitions. We passed the first of the sky scrapers and after overcoming intestinal hiccups, the walk resumed with renewed vigour. 866 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Rhodia and Habana paper samples

Back in November, I was lucky enough to get a variety of Rhodia and Habana paper samples from Laurie at Quo Vadis. Experimenting with them was part of the inspiration to stop just being a lurker in the paper and pen world to actually starting my own blog.   520 more words

Fountain Pen

How to survive bringing your Unity game to 10 Platforms - Arne von Öhsen, Jan Theysen

Konuşma sırasında aldığım notları ve slaytlardan elimden geldiğince paylaşmaya çalışıcam;

  • Automatic benchmark system (helps)
  • Settings/Max_Size must set up

Diary of the War: December 1916

The Quo Vadis

The conditions on the night of 18 December 1916 as the French schooner Quo Vadis prepared to cross the English Channel were too good to be true: a clear moonlit night and a flat calm. 240 more words


Beginning Again

Then, in the excess of my delirious joy, I cried out: ‘O Jesus, my Love … my vocation, at last I have found it … …

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They live more purely, they fall more rarely, they rise more speedily, they are aided more powerfully, they live more peacefully, they die more securely, and they are rewarded more abundantly.”  

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Your holy impatience to serve God does not displease him!—But it is sterile if it does not come accompanied by an effective improvement in your daily conduct.”

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