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Age Restrictions

Early Morning Study Group (Quo Vadis) has never had age limits. Originally I was the next to the youngest in our group, but when one pastor left and another came, I became the 2nd to the youngest.   419 more words

Time choices

Quo Vadis began at 6:30am on Thursdays.  It did not meet every Thursday, however, it did meet every other one.  Course I say Quo Vadis, which is what we call it now.   505 more words

Catching Up

Remarable just how quickly time passed since my last real blog post. In terms of notebooks and pens and planners, I have been far from idle the last two and a half years. 248 more words


It would seem you can rely on your Mother and kind friends to read unsubtle hints on your blog and remember what you really want for your birthday. 318 more words


The Gujarat Model of Corruption: Better than other states?

This is all hear-say, but its shocking how many people are saying it, and how openly it is being accepted as bearing truth without much doubt (even if with disgust). 595 more words



Text: Job 38-40; Acts 16:9-10

Quo vadis?

From those two simple words began one of the most famous stories about Peter as he supposedly fled Rome. 124 more words

Journal Entry


One of the most celebrated areas of Scotland is The Trossachs. That is an area in The Queen Elizabeth Forest Park where you would find mountains, dense forests, pathways into the wilderness and very beautiful lochs like Loch Achray, Loch Venachar and, most legendary of all, Loch Katrine. 901 more words