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Trauma and the Hero

*This is a rewrite of what was “Trauma and War” and is worth reading even if you had already read the other.*

I read a lot: books, anthologies, poetry, prose, news, articles on things relevant to my life. 2,706 more words

That's Life

Gwenism #1

Every time I hitch my wagon to a maybe I get kicked in the face by an ass.

~First uttered by Me, some time ago, 2008 or 2009 or 2010… somewhere back there… 48 more words

That's Life

Ode to My Beard

Oh beard

You do not know you’re a beard

You think you’re a face and a normal chin

But you’re not

You’re a twatwaffle

And the convenient cover… 23 more words

That's Life

Petronius went home shrugging his shoulders and greatly dissatisfied. It was evident to him that he and Vinicius had ceased to understand each other, that their souls had separated entirely.

–Henryk Sinkiewicz Quo Vadis


24th Academy Awards (1951) - Part I

  • An American in Paris, Vincente Minnelli
  • Decision Before Dawn, Anatole Litvak
  • A Place in the Sun, George Stevens*
  • Quo Vadis, Mervyn LeRoy…
  • 2,500 more words

Thanksgiving Honesty

Thanksgiving is upon us. What is it that you have to be thankful for this year?

Your health?

Your friends and family?

Your job and the ability to make ends meet? 394 more words

That's Life

Not Even Second

**Inspired by too many true stories**

When you said, “I do,”

I had an expectation

That my place with you was steadfast

But I missed an annotation… 319 more words

That's Life