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What are some guidelines to transliterate Italian to Hebrew?

Broadly speaking, it’s fairly easy, as Italian uses the same vowels as in Hebrew (in fact, it’s a common way of explaining Hebrew vowels to English speakers). 182 more words


Who'll Win the Next War: the Tank or the Geek?

I was asked on Quora how the tanks of the future are going to be designed. Here’s my answer – I hope it’ll make you reflect once again on the future of war and what it entails. 798 more words

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How To Get Tons of Traffic From Quora

Writing is nothing but a passion, a way to convey your ideas and thoughts to the world, and a medium to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on a range of topics with a certain audience. 963 more words

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Daily Reflection [2017/3/22]

So today was a good day. I got some stuff done but I could have been more thankful and less irritated. Need to become more calm and loving ~ 303 more words

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What does the resume of someone who got an internship or a full time job at Facebook, Dropbox or Quora look like?

Stephanie Ho, Software Engineer at Quora

This is the resume I submitted to Google when I received my internship offer from them which also doesn’t look that different from my resume when I got full time offers. 328 more words


What does "shevah" mean in Hebrew and what does it represent in Jewish culture?


When I read this question, I was convinced that it’s about the word שיבה (pron. sheevah), which means “return”, and is key to the notion of return to Zion, which underpins Zionism and modern Israel. 138 more words


Kicking it Off

Ok so I have a blog now? It sounded like a good idea, so yeah, it’s here. I know that my quality of writing is horrible and the objective of this whole thing is very sketchy, but I created this “blog” in the hopes of expressing opinions, figuring things out, and doing that with people.  446 more words