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I Gnosis Something You Don't Gnosis


Another day, another question on Quora from an anonymous theist showing how they don’t understand what atheism is. 866 more words

My Quora notifications: what they reveal

The only old adage anyone should abide by is, “if Yahoo Answers can’t solve your problem, you’re in way too deep.”

Now that I’m grown and matured, I consult Quora for pressing life questions. 133 more words

Three-minute technique: Quora

This technique is the most powerful I use.

The method takes less than three minutes to read and learn.

It is something I wish I had known a lot earlier in my career. 334 more words



Hello! this is the homepage. Welcome to this website.

Essay on the value of time

               We come to this world for a very few years. We have a very limited span of time. We have to use time wisely. Time once gone never comes back. 426 more words

What is your favorite song to heal heartbreak or bring you out of a hole? Why? How did you discover it?

Posted 15Jun18

Oh, this is a good question and the answer has been on my mind a lot, lately.

“In A Moment” by the Stereophonics: 309 more words


Can you describe an act of kindness that changed the course of your life?

Answered by M. Grundman, works at Marnie Grundman

I was 13 years old and living on the streets as a result of running away from an abusive home. 202 more words