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Which country would be the most difficult to invade?

Answer by Jon Mixon on Quora:

New Zealand.

Its closest neighbor is Australia, which is 1,340 miles across a pretty turbulent body of water. It has no land neighbors and any nation looking to invade would have to bring all or most of the supplies that it needs with it as the logistics lines would be incredible.

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What are you missing out in life if you don't have a boyfriend?

Answer by Anangsha Alammyan:

  • A best friend, a confidante, and a secret-keeper; someone who knows you inside-out, and would never judge you, no matter how often they see the demons you hide beneath that veneer of politeness.
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Felix's 3rd Birthday

Felix was very excited about having his birthday party. He enjoyed is Star Wars cake and opening presents.

Waiting to blow out the candles.

Make a wish…


What are some activities or exercises that I can do right at home to build a very good memory?

Pankaj Narsian


To build a good memory, you need to start going two things right away.

1. Start taking care of your body by eating on time, sleeping enough and on time like minimum 8 hours of sleep and lastly regular exercises. 75 more words

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What are some good sleeping pills which I can get without a prescription from a doctor?

Pankaj Narsian

Melatonin capsules.
Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by your body to control the sleep and wake up cycles. It is kind of a precursor to the neuro transmitter serotonin, which once activated tells your body that its time to sleep. 64 more words

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What is it like to have a miscarriage?

Answer by Tejasvita Apte:

I battled for long if I should write this anonymously. But then I decided against it as a major part of my ordeal was because I felt truly alone in dealing with the pain of miscarriage.

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