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What philanthropy activities are sponsored by Apple?

Q&A @Quora

Answer by Philanthropologist In-Chief:

Apple Philanthropy Sows Seeds of Change

On the heels of Tim Cook’s announcement that he’s dedicating his fortune to charity, the timing of this question is excellent. 574 more words


What are the limits of neuroscience?

There are two major problems with neuroscience:

  1. Weak philosophical foundations when dealing with mental concepts
  2. Questionable statistical analyses of experimental results

1. Neuroscience needs a bit of philosophy… 565 more words


Answered on Quora 2015.03.28

Why are Filipinos so religious?

Answer by 閔俊榮 (Jeric Mina):

I subscribe to the idea that people turn to religions because they help explain thing that are seemingly unexplainable. 176 more words

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I got a job offer telling me to "pick my salary". How do I do that?

Once again, another gem from Quora. This is a question that a lot of people at job interviews are asked but don’t have satisfactory answers to. 748 more words


Interesting discussion on Quora about "wanting to do too many things in life" ...

This relates to questions that come up when wanting and/or pursuing a life of variety:

It reminds me of some of the things I’ve thought about and struggled with over the years. 114 more words


What are some of the major problems with feminism?

I have several large assignments and a very busy weekend, but I found a FANTASTIC article from Quora that really highlights some of the issues I try to discuss. 96 more words