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What does the body do when it sleeps?

What does the body do when it sleeps? by Arjun Subramaniam

Answer by Arjun Subramaniam:

Great question.

There are actually a multitude of things that happen when you sleep, including a drop in body temperature, blood pressure, and breathing rate.

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What is the evolutionary benefit or purpose of having periods?

What is the evolutionary benefit or purpose of having periods? by @sssadedin

Answer by Suzanne Sadedin:

I’m so glad you asked. Seriously. The answer to this question is one of the most illuminating and disturbing stories in human evolutionary biology, and almost nobody knows about it.

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Almaty Visited

In the end of March, we had a visitor – my mother. She stayed for 11 days. We saw a bunch of Almaty and had some wonderful spring weather. 23 more words


Innale - a classic Malayalam film gem

With strong recommendations from my Quora answer, and also Margaret of Don’tCalllItBollywood, I watched the Malayalam 1990 classic film Innale  this weekend.  It’s available on ErosNow.com. 541 more words

Biz Stone Launches Jelly Again

Biz Stone has pivoted Jelly again, and this is a big enough pivot that I’m going to file it under “New Resources”. Introducing Jelly. “Jelly is the only search engine in the world with an attitude, an opinion, and the experience of people to back it all up. 57 more words

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Should the brightest minds be working on new technology or be teaching?

Originally posted on Quora, At first glance the question seems very straightforward and the enticing answer seems “YES”. The question however is bemusing even in its simplest of modes. 228 more words