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Airplanes Are More Disgusting Than You Ever Imagined, According To Flight Attendants

Flight attendants might seem like they’re only on board to hand out packets of peanuts and top off your Bloody Mary mix, but they actually know a whole lot more than we give them credit for — after all, they’re trained in everything from emergency passenger evacuation management to CPR and defibrillation. 1,017 more words


The Nasty Bosses, and How to Handle Them!

The perfect working environment with relaxed atmosphere and understanding supervisors is the dream of almost every applicant who ever filed for a job. However, nagging at the corners of every employee’s brain is the fear we are all too familiar with, the Boss. 379 more words

What is Quora? and How it changed my Life.

Quora was created by

Adam D’Angelo

I see lot of traffic today on Quora,a lot of Layman, as well as pros, visit and answer in Quora… 369 more words

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What are some insane facts about WWII?

What are some insane facts about WWII? by Jon Trew

Answer by Jon Trew:

During the battle for Monte Cassino in Italy, Polish soldiers used a bear named Wojtek to help them carry ammunition!

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How did the Jews become slaves in Egypt?

Just to be clear: no Jews became slaves in Egypt, just as no Canadians died in the Black Plague of the 14th century. 349 more words


How did ancient people describe the physical appearance of Hebrews?

The Ibscha Relief from the tomb of Khnumhotep II shows Semitic traders as light-brown-skinned people with tailored beards and curly black hair—in contrast with Egyptians, with longer straight hair, and a darker complexion. 11 more words


'I hate my life now': Parents reveal why they REGRET having children

From Daily Mail: Mothers have been taking to social media to reveal what it really feels like to regret having children. Posting anonymously on sites like Facebook, Reddit and Quora, … 749 more words