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Green Hands - a short story.

There was a Quora question today asking for a story with “an opening line that “I was walking along the road and I fell”?” Falling isn’t something very interesting but I thought I’d give it a try. 936 more words


My favorite Q&A on Quora

I love Quora!

Here will be the list of the Questions and Answers on Quora that I found interesting and worthy to share. I divided them into different categories and I will keep this list updated. 638 more words


How to write a viral post on Quora.

Let me start with a catchy opening phrase in bold and italics, which isn’t anyway related to the context, but makes sure I grab your attention. 464 more words


Quartz: The one-man army working to make Quora better for Q&A obsessed Indians

Quartz: The one-man army working to make Quora better for Q&A obsessed Indians. “It’s not quite Facebook or Twitter in India, but Quora has built up a seemingly engaged and loyal following in the country since 2010, a year after it was launched by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. 21 more words

Around The Search & Social Media World

Quora Question: What is the most messed up thing that your family member has ever done?

Age 5: I was forced to go to a mosque where the Molvi (preacher) would beat me head-on for not being able to pronounce Arabic syllables correctly. 922 more words


Will social and/or class inequality ever change?

My answer on Quora:

If we were to define class inequality as income inequality, then history tells us that it is indeed likely to change. The reasons for those changes is where the real story is. 476 more words

Global Economy

My Awesome Experiences from Quora World Meetup 2017 - New Delhi Chapter

It was an awesome experience which ended up with some tears and wet eyes, lots of laughter, and timeless memories to cherish. This post is going to be full of images from the meetup, and will also explain all my experiences, as they happened in the chronological order. 1,063 more words