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Sticky Fake Steak and Broccoli Stir Fry

Back before I turned vegetarian I made a stir fry with beef mince (nothing else in the house!), since I’m low on food again I thought I’d try a veggie alternative – And it was great! 275 more words

i finally found vegan quorn...

…then watched it fucking fall apart in my pot pie because, due to conflicting information, i decided to defrost it before cooking.

FFS. got another bag to use up (spaghetti alfredo?), then switching back to cauldron’s marinated tofu pieces (fry’s is good too but can’t bring myself to fork out good wonga for it all the time).


How To: Better Yourself

If you couldn’t find the cure for cancer, you couldn’t solve world poverty, and you couldn’t stop global warming, what is one thing you could do to make the world just a little bit better?  1,131 more words

Social Issues

MetMUnch's Meal of the Month - Not-Quite-Chicken Curry

We’re right in the middle of exam season so why not try a quick, easy and comforting meal –our Not-Quite-Chicken Curry.

Why’s it not-quite-chicken curry? Because it’s chicken curry, but not quite. 322 more words

MMU Futures

Quorn chicken and bacon lattice. 

As a long time vegetarian I’m a big fan of Quorn.

I try to do a lot of cooking from scratch using Quorn; stew, bolognese, cottage pie, curry, among other things, but sometimes I just want something I can bung in the oven. 178 more words


Healthy Cottage Pie

Although I really love Cottage Pie, I do tend to be left feeling bloated and guilty after eating a whole plate of it. I decided to see if I could make a healthier version, and I am pretty happy with the result! 330 more words

The Train Traveller's Guide to the Pufferazzi

We’d waltzed our way along the winding road through the Pichi Richi Pass in the Flinders Ranges, stopping to take photos of the mountains and bluebush. 2,121 more words

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