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Chillin' on a Chilly Afternoon with Chilli

The other day a momentous event happened:

I went to a local café.

To put this in perspective, let me sketch in some background details. Bear with me, it’s worth it. 1,520 more words

We'll start with (Quorn) Chicken Risotto

For a long, long time I have eaten pretty much the same thing every day.  This is my first attempt at cooking something different.

I have no idea when I last cooked rice.   357 more words


Meat-free currywurst

Admittedly, this isn’t as much of a recipe as a recommendation of things to put together, but neither is it anywhere near authentic currywurst. It is the home, meat-free version of German currywurst, because I went to Berlin and enjoyed it too much. 190 more words


Love for Food.

So the past few weeks, and especially the past few days, I’ve really been getting back into food. By this I mean, actually having really good varied foods instead of just shoving freezer food in the oven or ordering a takeaway. 775 more words


Chilli con 'Quorni'

The kitchen became a heated place last week, filled with a cocktail of stress and excitement. Excluding pina coladas, that is exactly my favourite kind of cocktail when it comes to cooking these days. 586 more words


Moroccan Tagine

I loveeeee this.
The first time I visited a friend in Liverpool, she took me to this incredible restaurant, where I was served a beautiful tagine of meatballs, with cous cous, and a fried egg on top. 262 more words


Step 2: Going Organic c: Meat Alternatives

Every year, food pundits retract what they say about a certain food item being good or bad for you – eggs are a great example- I still can’t figure out if it is ok to eat one every day or not? 607 more words