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Mushroom & Water Chestnut Lettuce Wraps

Summer days beg for dishes like these! I mean, bbq’s are great and all but sometimes all you need is salad … (said no-one ever!). These lettuce wraps make a great snack or full meal and there’s just enough leafy stuff to keep it light and summery! 284 more words


A pretty regular food shop :)

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while again since I last posted cause it’s been a busy time recently: I’ve started a new job and been productive making lots of new paintings. 425 more words

Useful Finds

REVIEW - Sophie's Thoughts on the Quorn Vegan Range

I’ve recently been trying out a few vegan Quorn products so I thought I would share my thoughts about them! Quorn is one of the most famous brands of meat substitute products and they have long been a staple for many vegetarians. 504 more words


Cheese me up vegetarian and gluten free lasagna 😍

My specialities include both a quorn mince lasagna and a vegetable one. Today’s is made with quorn mince. I had planned on blogging my vegetable one, however when my boyfriend heard I was planning lasagna he begged for quorn mince. 392 more words

I'm going Vegan?

Something I never thought I would say… I’m going Vegan!

And no, this isn’t me trying to just get on a band wagon, I’m doing this for health reasons, and my bank balance. 355 more words

Coconut stew with coriander roti

When we were little dad used to give us little slivers of his favourite smelly cheeses to try when we asked for them. We would cautiously taste them, screw up our faces and say “yuk”. 1,019 more words


From Carnivore to Vegetarian?: 1 Month!

I am a little late writing this entry. Life is so busy! Anyway, I have made it being 1 month vegetarian!! I can honestly say that I am not finding it all that hard to maintain! 136 more words