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Coriander quorn curry 

I really enjoy a curry but I’ve always found it difficult to find one exactly to my taste so I made my own.

I used.. 247 more words


The Launch of Quorn

How The Value Engineers helped bring the first new food to the world since yoghurt

Breakthroughs are notoriously difficult to bring to market, especially when they involve something simultaneously as basic and yet as culturally significant as food. 711 more words


Quorn/Chicken Korma

My husband and I love indian food, the spicier the better. Our children however, preference a milder taste. This Korma fits the bill perfectly because it’s very mild and creamy and goes down very well with the whole family, each time I make it. 456 more words



It is interesting how we react to certain things… how we pull with us our preconceptions, our past views, the trenches of thought our minds made long ago…. 72 more words


Quorn Swedish balls in my homemade sauce. 

I love cooking with quorn.

One of my favourite quorn ingredients are the Swedish style balls. I love to serve them with my homemade pasta sauce and linguine. 219 more words


Veggie recipe: roasted vegetable couscous

I am a big fan of cooking with couscous. It’s so easy to make even though everyone thinks you’re a kitchen princess. This recipe is vegetarian, but you can replace the quorn cubes for cubes of chicken breast. 274 more words