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Vegetarian Fajitas and Sweet Potato Chips

I’m back with my sweet potatoes! This time I made them into chips by mixing them with olive oil and soy sauce before popping them into the oven. 155 more words

Adventures in the Science of Mycoprotein

So, quorn is a mycoprotein, which is to say it’s made from mushrooms. These are not your usual field mushrooms, though. These are tiny little things grown in labs. 237 more words

Main Meal

Quorn Lasagne Bolognese

Lasagne is such a simple dish and one that we all love in our house. My son loves the meaty version, but I cook either a vegetable one or Quorn one at home. 338 more words


Recipe: Quorn, Butterbean & Vegetable Pie

All of my recipes are for my son’s prescription and are unique to him.  They will NEED TO BE ADAPTED for your individual prescription.  You should NEVER attempt any kind of ketogenic diet without medical supervision. 276 more words

Ketogenic Diet

Quorn Chicken and Vegetable Curry

I’m a bit rubbish with this whole thing if I’m honest. So I’m going to start uploading the finished products and the titles and gradually add the recipes in as and when I have time to sit and think about one, because they frankly take quite a while to do and if I’m honest I’m a busy girl at the moment! 30 more words

Anneka Sillitoe


I LOVE LOVE LOVE brunch at the moment. Well always really. On Friday it was celebration time at lunch. So there was tequila and raspberry beer on the side of my veggie breakfast… standard? 32 more words

What's it all for?

My son Antonio recently expressed concern that all my work in the garden might be all for naught. That in the future, when we leave this place and new owners move in, they might take a bobcat to all my labours and reduce it back to nothing but mud in minutes. 453 more words

Semi Arid