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Quorn & Vegetable Chilli

My flatmate tells me that chilli isn’t comfort food. Pizza, and burgers, and all that is “bad” is comfort food. I beg to differ.

For as long as I can remember I’ve classed comfort food as food that just… 384 more words


Ultimate veggie bolognese

I have made plenty of vegetarian bolognese – lentils, Quorn, mushrooms, vegetables, whatever. It is such a classic way to turn your pasta from ‘not another boring pasta dish’ into ‘well now it looks like I’ve made effort with this meal.’ Tonight’s bolognese tasted, to me, to be the best I have made thus far, so I am documenting it here as my ‘ultimate’ recipe, a recipe brought to you by a glass of red wine and a general Black Mirror haze. 324 more words


Quorn chilli non carne

Although I use meat in some of my recipes, it’s often a lot cheaper to cut it out. Quorn is a good alternative to beef mince and if you flavour it right it’s almost as good as the beef option. 182 more words


'Not So Cheeky' Chicken Korma

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: TBD
Serves: 4 – 6

Swap out those nasty take aways and save your body (and your bank balance!) with this easy way to make a healthy alternative. 181 more words


Great Central Railway

Tucked away in Loughborough is the headquarters of the only mainline steam railway in the country. There’s a café at every station and on most trains, whilst in the evenings there are wonderful historic dining carriages. 175 more words


Part time vegetarian

Sometimes… and I stress sometimes the thought of meat makes me swoon and not in a good way.

I have been feeling this pull for a few years to incorporate Veggie Days.   181 more words


A week in photos, and some recipe crushes

My blog friends, it hasn’t been the best week or two for my very feeble mental health. I’m not entirely sure of the source for this slump, but I haven’t been too successful at getting out and about, cooking splendid food or other standard adult human activities. 446 more words