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My Favorite Dick Gregory Quotes

“If everyone likes you, your not real enough.”

“This isn’t a revolution of Black against White. This is a revolution of right against wrong and right has always won.” 199 more words


We Must Always Take Sides

As I mentioned at the time, I couldn’t properly source the quote I shared in my sermon last Sunday. Here’s a similar quote that I can properly source: 44 more words


“It is more important that Heaven should exist than that any of us should reach it.”

C.S. Lewis {Surprised by Joy}


'Annabelle: Creation' Tops Weekend Box Office

This hasn’t exactly been a banner summer for Hollywood at the box office, which — with the exception of unstoppable blockbuster “Wonder Woman” and a few others — has largely been a summer of disappointments, with high-profile releases such as “Baywatch” “The Emoji Movie”, Luc Besson’s big-budget “Valerian” and the Stephen King adaptation “The Dark Tower” among the many flicks to flop. 231 more words


A Contamination of Light

The life of the Church is – I will use a rather strong word – a contamination of light. — Pope Francis [1]

A tip of my hat to 

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…The preacher who measures himself by his looking glass, may please a few silly girls, but neither God nor man will long put up with him.

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The Commands of Jesus Create Miracles

Every week when I prepare for a sermon, I come across some gem that I don’t have room for in the sermon. Here’s the one from this week. 73 more words