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Strategize but in real life you don’t know what to expect. Full fledged hustler and I turned stone into bread. When we dey use head chop, y’all ni**as were spoon fed.

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Stuck in a Bubble

“I view my own life in this lens of a character arc. That there are certain ways life is supposed to go. I guess growing up means understanding more and more that life can go in so any different directions and then being okay with that.”

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What is the reason for fame when with the fame, I talk about your pain?

Why you talking about your chain, knowing it made you a slave?

– Vector


What a thing is sin, what a devil and master of devils is it, that it should, where it takes hold, so hang that nothing can unclinch its hold but the mercy of God and the heart-blood of his dear Son!

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He arose as it began to dawn toward that day; as soon as it could be said that the third day was come, the time prefixed for his resurrection, he arose; after his withdrawings from his people, he returns with all convenient speed, and cuts the work as short in righteousness as may be.

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Stage 32: The thoughts of a person who can't write.

It’s the sadness that pushes us. The gnawing, tugging, inescapable emotions that drag us into our creative zones. Writing is a catharsis and there’s no need for it unless you’re looking for an escape; for the reason a reader reads and a writer writes is the same. 267 more words


William Baird on the Historical Critical Method

Some reviewers have accused me of undue affection for the historical critical method. To that I merely reply, mea culpa. I am well aware, of course, that the use (or abuse) of the critical method has been destructive for some, resulting in depreciation of Scripture and loss of faith.

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