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Harry Styles' Debut Solo Album Nearly Finished

With One Direction on hiatus and without Zayn Malik, Harry Styles looks to be the next member to debut their solo album.

The album is said to be very close to release and will show him off as an authentic artist. 306 more words



Happiness is the inherent state of every living creature. Those who are seeking for it are bound to never find it, for it’s like searching for the citadel outside the walls, the pulp outside the peel, the blood outside the veins.

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Quotable - Ernest J. Gaines

“I want you to show them the difference between what they think you are and what you can be.”

“Nietzsche said without music, life would be a mistake. 54 more words


10 Years Later. Still a Gem.

Musings on ordinary Catholic culture, from Sherry Weddell…10 years later, and this tongue-in-check writing from real-life mission work is still a gem:

When it comes to talking about eternal things. 975 more words


Quote of the Day

Who says modern academics are a bunch of cloistered ninnies?

Asked if they had any fears that supporters of Trump would mock their activity, they said, “No, of course not.”

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A free one’s life can never change – it only improves with every new experience.
A subject of mandatory change is, instead, the life of those who not only that are not free (sometimes not even on the inside), but are expecting, from new experiences or other people, to liberate them.

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