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Love my boss, but really?

“Will you send out these letters for me?  If I do it, I will have to type up all the names and addresses.”

Whereas I will just use my magic skills and wrinkle my nose to make it so.

What I Love

Let there be a door to your mouth, that it may be shut when need arises, and let it be carefully barred, that none may rouse your voice to anger, and thou pay back abuse with abuse… Therefore although we are angry (this arising from the motions of our nature, not of our will), let us not utter with our mouth one evil word, lest we fall into sin; but let there be a yoke and a balance to your words, that is, humility and moderation, that your tongue may be subject to your mind.

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The only thing one can learn from the past is not to become a lingering part of it while still living.

©M.V. Grains


Norwegian Wood: On patience in times of struggle 

“if you’re in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark.” –Reiko


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Pursuing Beautiful Love

It seems fitting to share a post from the CiRCE Institute at the end of this year which for me has been all about trying… 272 more words



People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases like, ‘be realistic.” -Dylan Moran