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Quote a Week Tuesday

Posted in A Quote a Week Tuesday (2016-10-25)

“Life is better,
when you are laughing”

Quote a Week Tuesday

For this week’s quote, a little reminder, that life truly is better if you are laughing, at least once in a while and out loud ;) 26 more words


A hidden miracle...

The only trap I must beware not to fall into, is to think that each day is the same as the next. In fact, each morning brings with it a hidden miracle, and we must pay attention to this miracle.

Paulo Coelho

They asked C.S. Lewis for a paper and this is what he gave them!

Granted that Reason is prior to matter and that the light of primal Reason illuminates finite minds, I can understand how men should come by observations and inference, to know a lot about the universe they live in. 191 more words


Happy National Food Day!

The main objective of National Food Day is to help people “Eat Real” by “cutting back on sugar drinks, packaged foods, and factory-farmed meats in favor of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and sustainably raised protein.” 184 more words

Joanne Guidoccio


Don’t grow up too fast
And don’t embrace the past
This life’s too good to last
And i’m too young to care



Quote a Week Tuesday

Posted in A Quote a Week Tuesday (2016-10-18)

“I am done with the past,
the future has plenty of room for change.”

Quote a Week Tuesday… 35 more words