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A Reminder That Your Soul Mate is Always Closer Than You Think...

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Our latest album is due for the official release at the end of the month – please help us with the production costs via our… 57 more words

Cherie Roe Dirksen

From the Green Wolf: Our Deadly Lack of Nature Literacy

We need to understand how delicately balanced an ecosystem is, the webs of relationships and balances that formed over thousands of years of fine-tuning and evolution.

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Into The Wild

Hew out of the Mountain of Despair a Stone of Hope

April 4, 1968, America lost Dr. Martin Luther King to a sniper’s bullet.  That evening, ignoring police warnings of violence, Robert Kennedy spoke to the black community of Indianapolis in the most  heartfelt speech I have heard   He spoke in words of anguish, yet he offered hope for America, thus echoing Dr. 126 more words


If I Disappear 

I wish sometimes that I could Just simply

Disappear into nothingness

A void within a void.
Never to be heard

Never to be seen

Like burnt smoke in air… 78 more words


Happy National Find a Rainbow Day

Today is National Find a Rainbow Day, a time to reflect upon the beauty and magnificence of those multicolored arcs that remind us of the hope and possibilities that exist in Nature and in our own lives. 179 more words

Joanne Guidoccio

Words of wisdom

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you things.”

F. Capra