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You have a dream and you’re sure you’ll live with it. So you ready yourself and work on it. Then you tell people about it. They laugh, raise their eyebrows showing their deprecation. 260 more words

Quotable #7: Excuses

“If all the crutches in the world were laid end to end, there still wouldn’t be enough for the lame excuses.” – W. T. Rutherford


Quotation for Today - 21/02/2017

El Penguin

3:52 PM GMT+1300

 Trump is an ignorant, floundering old fat fool and my guess is he’s got Alzheimer’s. It’s not likely that anybody can change that.

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Happy Windsday, Piglet

Zippy and I just went for a run.
It is very blowy out there.

It wasn’t quite that bad.
I mean, neither of us went airborne. 20 more words

Christin' Book of Quotations

  • We haven’t any money, so now we must have to think. – Samuel Rutherford
  • Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. – Unknown…
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