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Forgive Me

“Forgive me, that I manage badly,
Manage badly but live gloriously,
That I leave traces of myself in my songs,
That I appeared to you in waking dreams.”
― Anna Akhmatova

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Quote: When life’s path is steep, keep your mind even. ~ Horace

Proverb: Never say no due to pride, or yes due to weakness.~Puerto Rican

Thought For The Day

Quote for the day - Friday March 6

“A man whose limbs had been bound from birth, but who had nevertheless found out how to hobble about, might attribute to the very bands that bound him his ability to move, while, on the contrary, they would diminish and paralyze the muscular energy of his limbs… Suppose a doctor brought forward a complete theory, with a thousand ably invented illustrations, to persuade the man with bound limbs that, if his limbs were freed, he could not walk, or even live. 21 more words