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“You don’t need water to feel

like you’re drowning, do you?”

– Jodi Picoult

Photography by Nathan Dumlao


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Don’t let others bring you down because of their insecurities.



Rubber Band

Written by Jacob Ibrag

You call me a rubber band, a

human bending at will. It’s the words

I’d say and how I’d say them. Reassuring, 34 more words


Black Mirror isn't science fiction anymore!

This is, essentially, ‘Nosedive’:

Sesame Credit, a credit-scoring agency setup by Alibaba and Tencent, is designed to make Orwellian self-surveillance a reality. As well as creditworthiness, it measures political loyalty – based on user data gathered by China’s two biggest internet companies.

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5 Insightful Bodybuilding Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger

“A beginner does eight repetitions of a certain exercise with his maximum weight on the barbell. As soon as it hurts, he thinks about stopping. I work beyond this point, which means I tell my mind that as soon as it starts aching it is growing. 667 more words


A note to self

A journal entry, 17 August 2016 e.v.

You make mistakes. And from the mistakes, you learn to make things better.

In fact, the only real mistakes are trivial. 124 more words