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From Bagels to Balloon Rides: The Weirdest State Taxes

Taxes are (almost) as integral to the dawn of spring as allergies and Easter egg hunts. Though a reality to all, federal taxes can present to many a hazy, stressful cloud of fear and dread.  397 more words


Reading While Eating for April 4: Falling Stars

Commence Swooning: In case you needed another reason to worship Ryan Gosling, he saved a woman’s life yesterday. Allegedly. (BuzzFeed)

Thanks, But No Thanks: 96 more words


Reading While Eating for April 3: Art Meets Science

Re: Design:  Is there any real reason why maps need to look ugly? (BuzzFeed)

Tech Flop: Inside the failed operating system that we still use for ATMs and subway systems. 65 more words


Tumblr of the Week: Turbo Tax Hell

It’s almost April and that means tax time is here. (Ugh!) Our Tumblr of the Week reflects just how miserable this time of year can be. 100 more words