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He gave me hope I wouldn’t be alone forever but being involved with him made me feel more alone than ever.


The Wait: Is There Such a Thing as a Good Miscarriage?

The due date was July 5. I let this day pass like all the others, without even mentioning it to anyone. By this point, a couple of days will go by without my thinking about the baby I would have had, about what all our lives would have been like.

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The Race to the Bottom of the Sugar Bowl

Beth Kowitt, in Fortune, explores food manufacturers’ race to find a sugar stand-in that ticks all the boxes: cheap, “natural” (i.e., plant-based), and actually tastes like sugar.  314 more words


Portrait of the Risk-Taker as a Young Man (or, There's Something About Spencer)

In Victory Journal, Laura Yan profiles Spencer Seabrooke, who breaks world slacklining records walking across loosely tensioned, inch-wide pieces of polyester suspended hundreds of meters in the air. 157 more words


Come to the Throne of Grace

I recently picked up again The Power of Prayer in a Beleiver’s Life by Charles Spurgeon, it is a top three read all time for me. 346 more words


Jack London says:

” A bone to the dog
is not charity.

Charity is the bone
with the dog,
when you are

just as hungry
as the dog. ”