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A New Era of Unreality: Stop Making Sense, or How to Write in the Age of Trump

In the Village Voice, Aleksandar Hemon explores the “unreality” of a Trump presidency, likening this era of American history to the start of the war in Bosnia in 1992, and calling for new literature that doesn’t shy away from the conflicts and destruction ahead. 236 more words



When Metaphysical Man, Atro City’s resident superhero and trendsetter is inadvertently sucked into an alternate world by a mysterious super villain he’s forced to overcome his only weakness; reality. 11 more words


The night had lost its senses.....

शाम भी हसीन थी,
कुछ गहरी कुछ बेबाक थी,
वो आए थे किसी हवा के झोंके की तरह,
जाम हमने क्या था पकड़ा,
शाम शराबी हो गयी…..


Justice and Mercy (quote)

“Justice is the grammar of things. Mercy is the poetry of things.” ~ Frederick Buechner


* 6 more words


Is the Human deserves to be called so?

​Mankind’s cruelty towards the animals can be justified just by a few words including but not limited to National Traditions, Civilization, Society norms.. etc and sometimes it becomes very easy to justify it as it’s being done for fun sake… fun for human beings to torment the animal for their pleasure… 110 more words


Thomas Jefferson says:

” I have sworn
upon the altar of God
eternal hostility against
every form of tyranny
over the mind of man. ”