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It is not work that...

It is not work that kills, but worry!

ce n’est pas le travail qui tue, mais l’inquiétude!

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Putting Creativity on Your Tab

At 1843, Emma Hogan reports that in Silicon Valley, microdosing LSD is the new “body-hacking” tool everyone from engineers to CEOs is using to boost productivity and creativity. 232 more words


Everyone's Welcome, But Some People Are More Welcome Than Others

Since the 2016 election, my non-scientific review estimates that the media has published seven zillion articles on Trump voters living in rural America, roughly seven zillion more than were necessary. 168 more words


Just a Thought

A change of heart will produce a changed life. It may be big or small, but it will produce change.


Are Arizona's Defunded Public Schools the Future of American Education?

Trump’s secretary of education is expanding school voucher programs under the guise of providing greater “school choice” to parents, but as some historically underfunded public school systems show, further divestment spells disaster for public education and the hope for an educated public. 556 more words


A Roll of the Immigration Law Dice

In EsquireBrian Castner walks us through the case of Captain Noorullah Aminyar, an Afghan army officer seeking asylum in the U.S. following threats and retaliation by the Taliban that have already left his younger brother dead. 313 more words


P.G. Wodehouse says:

” There is only one cure
for gray hair.
It was invented
by a Frenchman.
It is called the guillotine. “