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Well-being Wednesday - Responsibility

Today’s Well-Being Wednesday quote from Ann Landers provides an important reminder about what our kids need from us to learn to be successful themselves. If it inspires you to look for new ideas to help you foster independence and responsibility in your children, here is a link to one we shared last week on our blog:  19 more words

Quotes For Parents

Well-being Wednesday - Authenticity

Our Sunday post “Free to Be You and Me” which featured Pink’s recent courageously awesome speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, inspired my quote choice to share with you all today – wise words from Brené Brown that remind us to stay true to ourselves.   16 more words

Quotes For Parents

Well-being Wednesday - Just Do It

Happy Wednesday all! The quote we are sharing today reminds us not to wait for perfect conditions to begin. Whether that may in your home life, your relationships, your adventures (or in our case our blogging career), whatever it may be, remember to take chances and keep stepping as everyday is a new chance to do a little living, loving and growing.  12 more words

Quotes For Parents

Well-being Wednesday - Simple Reminders

It felt like time to come back and share one of our favorite quotes. It is the one that we so often find ourselves turning to when we have that overwhelming feeling that too much is being asked of us by ourselves, by others or by our chaotic lives. 45 more words

Quotes For Parents


Trust is one thing which can move mountains if it’s pure and honest. And that purity / honesty has one fixed address which belongs to YOU (Mom Dad). 46 more words