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Applying Stan Lee to Work

The genius of superhero comics is how they take some real-world thing, figure out what a few of the interesting variables are, and then creatively manipulate them. 371 more words

The Problem of Nothingness-Selected Tracks from Jean Paul Sartre

An abstraction is made when something not capable of existing in isolation is thought of as in an isolated state. Consciousness is an abstraction. The concrete can be only the synthetic totality of which consciousness, like the phenomenon, constitutes only moments.

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Pithy and useful quotes

Robert Green Ingersoll: “The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, and the way to be happy is to help make others so.” 33 more words


World Kindness Day

Lately, I have been feeling that the world is in need of a little more kindness. Sometimes we can get so caught up in everything that is happening in the world, and we forget to be kind and compassionate to others, as God tells us to be. 84 more words

Becoming Stronger

For me, when I see the word “Strength”, I don’t immediately think of being physically strong and being able to lift up weights with ease. Instead, I think of being mentally strong. 553 more words