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Drax Said it Best When He Said:

I think Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie said it best when he said:

“Do NOT EVER call me a thesaurus.”

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“It had something to do with love. About the essential brutality of love. About those adventitious souls who deliberately seek out love as a prime agent of total self-immolation. 145 more words


How Veganism Went Mainstream

It’s as if vegans collectively realized that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, or at least that you spread the message more easily when you don’t start preaching about how eating honey represents an exploitation of bees.

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“One of the definitions of insanity is changing nothing and pretending something will change.” ~ Stephen Colbert

Colbert said the above quote in the course of talking about the Oregon college shooting and the fact that these shootings keep happening with no resulting change to gun laws. 338 more words

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Gandalf Said it Best When He Said:

I think Gandalf said it best in the LOTR movie when he said,

“Run! You fools!”

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