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Meghalni nehezebb, vagy annak nehezebb, aki életben maradt? Tizenhat évesen árvaságra jutottam Szibériában, mégis pontosan tudtam. Efelől soha nem volt kétségem. Élni akartam.

81 – 325.


Mira más allá...

Mira siempre más allá y encontrarás la belleza de las cosas!

Se positivo


all balls of bitter dust

‘Why, why are people all balls of bitter dust? Because they won’t fall off the tree when they’re ripe. They hang on to their old positions when the position is over-past, till they become infested with little worms and dry-rot.’ 6 more words


Only Jesus

I think that only Jesus is capable of making you always happy… If one day you know suffering, sadness, go throw yourself at the foot of the Cross and say to Jesus, “Jesus, friend of my heart, teach me to look for my happiness in the Cross, teach me to live and to sacrifice myself for Love.”

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