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March’s miscellany

After a lot of thought, I contacted the guy and told him I couldn’t make the Book Review any longer than it is, and if that meant he couldn’t publish it, I understood, and I apologized for the inconvenience. 1,057 more words


sometimes dreams die

There are nights I stay up all night because I was thinking hard, or reading a riveting book. But the night of 2/10, part of the reason I stayed up all night was that, as I turned off my laptop for the night, it did updates. 671 more words


Reading List, 2015 (to date)


  • A Weed is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver by Aliki
  • George Washington Carver: Scientist & Educator by Dennis Abrams
  • George Washington Carver: The Peanut Scientist by Patricia C.
  • 386 more words
Quotidian Activity

Mondays, remixed

When I figure out something that’s been bothering me, I have a tendency to come up with grand plans that are going to fix everything! And then reality sets in: my plans are too hard to implement. 397 more words


January is hard for me

For the past few years, I’ve benefited from keeping winter ‘open’ so that my creativity can recharge — a fallow period. I don’t plan big projects to work on (or if I do, I shouldn’t — because I probably won’t get around to them). 928 more words


ends abound

Wasn’t able to turn in both sets of keys to the old apartment because office for old apartment inexplicably closed Monday. Note on door did not indicate if they would also be closed Tuesday, so I’ll have to drive over, again. 873 more words


low energy, optimized

Earlier today, Spouse gave me side-eye for not changing out of my pajama bottoms until afternoon — which is actually what I do almost every day, unless I have some pressing reason to go out into public places. 718 more words