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mismatching expectations

It’s another raw and rainy day. Spouse has been sick, but working from home, so I’ll get to listen to House of Snot for the second full day (and then an entire weekend awaits. 1,108 more words


my day in Danville

Getting Lost is a rite of passage for me, and I managed it, twice … despite 2 maps Spouse hand-drew.

  • Parked in CVS lot, a block from the hospital where we spent days last summer.
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I finally wrote my last thank you note, for Christmas.

I sent a check to the guy for the book that I did the too-short book review on. 923 more words


Cosas Hacer

Look up florists in D

Draw diagram in dream journal of how many people have been ‘connected’ through Cento 5. Contemplate how creating centos from other poets’ work is not just a deeper level of engagement than merely reading a poem & liking it, but… is actually teaching me how to craft good poems. 636 more words

Art & Design

late-night lonely

If I was still using Twitter, I’d have been on it for hours tonight already. (It’s 2:30 a.m.) Instead, I’ve been trolling my blogroll, looking for who’s written something new since yesterday, which is hardly anybody. 421 more words


attraction and interest

I had pleasurable email exchanges with three different people (who don’t know each other) today, so when Spouse and I went to dinner tonight, I had a lot to talk about. 470 more words


March’s miscellany

After a lot of thought, I contacted the guy and told him I couldn’t make the Book Review any longer than it is, and if that meant he couldn’t publish it, I understood, and I apologized for the inconvenience. 1,057 more words