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Quoting the Fridays #18 - Never Looked Back

Sorry it was so poorly edited… i couldn’t quite figure out what to do :P

I love this poem/quote a lot :)


A favorite photo/quote/edit of mine :)


Quoting the Fridays #16!

Yay, posting at 10 in the night!  And also dedicated to my brother, since it’s his birthday today :)

I think my editing skills are getting better… your opinion?


Quoting the Fridays #15 - Open Gate

sorry the edit is so ugly.  I linked the photo to a copyright info page just incase anyone tries to steal my photo xD


What the Thursdays?

To make up for tomorrows Quoting the Fridays. :)  I know it says trotbutlope on the watermark.  No I did not steal it.  It’s my tumblr account.


Quoting the Fridays #14-Poetry


Okay, I’m sorry I didn’t post about my lesson.   I had a really nice lesson and everything but WordPress decided to go ahead and delete my post :(.   108 more words