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Good MorNight To Everyone Out There~

“Hold On, Pain Ends” – The Color Morale

“But hurt doesn’t.” – Aisha *  Queen Rae Twilight


The time to stop quoting Ted Mosby

There comes a time in the life of every dreamer in which he has to stop quoting Ted Mosby and create his own long lasting quotes. 108 more words


How to write for an A

First, and most importantly, find the rubric, and the instructions that have been provided for the paper. This is like a grading checklist for the instructor. 531 more words



Let’s talk business for a minute, for about 5 years now, I have been exploring my entrepreneurial instincts. Everything that my mind saw and sees as an opportunity worth my time and energy I have tried in this last five years.In this past few months of my year five, I made a decision to slow down because maybe it’s time for me to chill a bit and take stock of what is exactly happening to me and business. 1,077 more words

Roshi Wisdom

How to Quote, When to Quote (and When Not to) – For English Language Students

“Quoting is an art. You’re not simply calling upon the inverted commas, encasing a quote within, and saying, “Here you go!” Consider the little intricacies: how to introduce your quote, how much to quote, or how to break up a long quotation and interpose it with an attributive verb. 436 more words

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