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“It’s easy for a person to be worthless and miserable but sometimes you just need somebody there to help you up because if not your screwed.”


You know it only takes so much out of a person who tries to do something on purpose so the other can’t be the happy person they originally was.


How Much is Your Work Worth?

A small art publisher recently asked for my rate while warning me that they didn’t have the budget of a large company. Such a query can be translated as: “we’d love to have our books translated but can’t afford it”. 244 more words



Roopam over at

Quotes #8

has nominated me for quotes, not sure the rules, and whether its like the 3 day quotes challenge, so I am just going to copy her and pick a quote that resonates with me. 26 more words


Obama In Tears Quoting Jesus Christ As He Pushes Gun Control

US President Barack Obama was in tears as he cited Jesus Christ in pushing for tighter gun control legislation in America. President Obama made reference  to many shooting tragedies the country has suffered during his years at the White House and that of last December where a 15-year-old high school student, Zaevion Dobson sacrificed his life to save three girls from gunfire. 111 more words