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Be Not Afraid To Read

For your religion,
In all that it,
Caters for,
Is something,
To be learnt,
And not for,
You to inherit.

So read,
Even though,
You may, 28 more words


Saudi Historian Expounds '..Our Women Cannot Drive Because They Would be Raped on the Roadside Like Western Women Who Don't Mind Being Raped..' (Video)

Lol. This is one enlightened guy right here…

Even the female anchor laughs in his face at his ignorance and stupidity.

During a TV show, Saudi historian Saleh Al-Saadoon said that women should not be allowed to drive on the grounds that they might get raped if their car broke down on the roadside. 355 more words

20 things to do before I turn 30.

This is a page I have created that contains the list of things I want to do before I turn 30 years old. It can be seen here:  62 more words

Random Thoughts and Notes: Days 395-436

  • With regards to the claimants of Sufism who say that the Shariah is not essential or important, the interesting things is that they totally forget that Tasawwuf is meant to “erase” your ego and in this case, this means the ego towards thinking that you are some sort of individual absolute entity with the right (or the inalienable right to use Western terns) to dictate what your Shariah, your laws, or your way ought to be; rather, the whole point is to “lose yourself into unquestioned obedience of Allah the Exalted”, and not to lose yourself into obedience of your own invented Shariah or rules.
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Easy Money

“O you who believe, intoxicants, maysir , sacrificing for idols and making decisions based on games of chance are filth from the work of satan, so avoid these things and you may prosper. 914 more words

Islamic Financing