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Human Diversity in the Bible & the Qur'an

Humanity is diverse, and there’s no reason to try to overcome or refute differences due to diversity. It’s meant to be divine, and the Qur’an addresses this: “To each among you We have prescribed a Law and a clear path; and if God had so willed, He would have made you a single community; but (His plan is) to test you in what He has given you…” (5.48) God didn’t only make one group of people to rule the entire earth but made different peoples who can do righteous deeds and live faithful lives in different ways in order that they can come to know one another: “For everyone is a direction (of prayer) to which he turns. 401 more words

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9 Ways In which Islam helps you to maintain a Glowing skin

  1. Be with Wudhu at all times
  2. Avoid All unclean (Najis) food. Eat in moderation
  3. Always pray on time and never to miss fair prayers (both winter and summer)
  4. 79 more words

Want a Palace in Jannah? Recite Surah Ikhlaas ten times.

From Mua’dh bin al-Juhni the Companion of the Messenger of Allaah –sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam, from the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- who said:

‘Whoever reads <<قُل هُوَ ٱللَّهُ أَحَدٌ>> << Say, ‘He is Allaah, One>> until he finishes it ten times then Allaah builds a Palace for him in Paradise as well as additional benefits.’ 111 more words

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Praise be to God, who with death did break the necks of tyrants

In his magnum opus, Revival of the Religious Sciences, al-Ghazali begins the chapter on death as follows:

Praise be to God, who with death did break the necks of tyrants, shattering with it the backs of Persia’s kings, cutting short the aspirations of the Caesars, whose hearts were long averse to recalling death, until the true promise came to them and cast them into the pit. 139 more words


Katanya Hijrah, Tapi, Kok ...?

“Emangnya kenapa, Mbak?”

Pertanyaan itu sekonyong-konyong muncul di salah satu chat via aplikasi WhatsApp saya.

Begini ceritanya. Saya, kan, menerima konsultasi tulis-menulis via WhatsApp. Suatu hari, ada salah seorang teman yang mengirim cerpennya ke saya. 604 more words