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Amazing Quranic guidance

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Qur'an 22: Jinn & stars, David & Solomon

I’m a British humanist reading The Qur’an (Tarif Khalidi’s translation) and blogging about it as I go. I’m doing my best not to make assumptions, apart from assuming it was written – not necessarily in the order given – by a man (or men) in Arabia in the 7th century. 1,640 more words

Reading The Qur'an

 Haqaa’iq (truths) and Abaateel (Falsehoods)

The tyrants and their supporters are frightened of the Ummah being guided to the correct path towards change and revival. This represents a warning to them in respect to the end of their falsehood, oppression and deception. 1,513 more words


The Dutiful Child Part 2: Kindness to Parents

Part One discussed how Allah (swt) made it an obligation to be dutiful to our parents. 

In this post I will outline how kindness to parents is manifested in our daily lives. 2,414 more words

Why a Dua doesn’t get answered?


Sometimes our duas are not answered. Some of those reasons eventually become obvious to us with the passage of time and some don’t. However, as Muslims we should understand the reasons to help us better cope with situations when our Duas are not being answered. 501 more words