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As queer as?

Once there was a child who didn’t fit anywhere, in a world that demanded they chose a nice neat box and stick to it. Every box they looked at though was full of rules that did not apply to them. 854 more words

NOT FUNNY #AIB #ComedyNightsWithKapil

What we laugh at says a lot about us and off late I’ve begun to deeply question the collective conscience of the world’s largest democracy, and more so of the educated and empowered part of this population.   1,412 more words


Laying low.

I have been laying low in my “social” experiences recently as I feel I was on “overload emotion” for a while. Completely amazed and excited with new relationships of all sorts. 174 more words

Editor's Commentary (02-06-13)


I’ve reached the place of no return. The place every women or man- queer women or man that is- dreads and can’t ignore. 434 more words


the need for community (blog number 6)

In most societies gender roles are not fluid and are segregated in terms of man and woman. This is usually part of a larger social system that enforces compulsory heterosexuality and patriarchy. 529 more words

Blog Ass.

swish, zines are back!

Now that I am for sures in Brighton for a while yet and have managed to tuck away a completed master’s dissertation I can finally return to concentrating on all that my sweatervest wardrobe endows: zines, zines, zines. 119 more words

Zine Updates