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How Amazon Prime Turned a Price Hike Into a Marketing Opportunity

Amazon just dropped an unexpected announcement. In one week, the cost of membership to Amazon Prime, which buys access to express shipping, streaming media, and lots of Kindle content, will jump over 25% to $99. 490 more words

Brand Crisis Control and The Power of Forgiveness

“They have shown they don’t know their own clients. They are not even clear with what they want as a company. It is a mess.” 395 more words

Netflix Movies: How the Hottest Company in the World Can Become Slightly Better

Reports indicate that the company briefly known as Qwikster has intentions of expanding its entertainment empire, going from leasing others’ successes to original television programming to the depths of film-making. 884 more words


Netflix Streaming Is Killing Off Physical Media -- And Film Fans Should Be Worried

A couple of days ago, Buzzfeed put out a charming little video called “Video Stores Explained to Modern Kids.” In it, a soft-voiced narrator patiently explains how, once upon a time, we had to… 923 more words


6 Customer experience mistakes

Over the months, this blog has featured a lot of lists of best practices and tips. This post is going to be a bit different. There’s nothing better than learning from experience, and this time we’d like to learn from Netflix’ bad experience when it mishandled  attempts to change its offering and rates. 464 more words


Netflix: Grabbing Your Eyeballs, One Medium at a Time

It was such a novel idea at the time.

Take the current model of the video store, augment the payment structure, and reap the rewards. Late fees? 1,587 more words


I'm No Longer Anti-Social (media)

Back in the day, I had to go to school and wait until recess to know that I was anti-social. Now, I just have to open my computer and go to some website that will let me know if people, many of which I’ve never met, think I am social “enough”. 286 more words

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