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Being a fan of One Direction

This is my first post so go a little easy on me, I haven’t quite grasped this whole blogging thing yet so cut me some slack if my writing is a tad choppy. 454 more words

Boy Bands

Game of Thrones=Well-performed Donkey Show in Tijuana

Yeah, let the vitriol fly fanboys (and girls).  See, I still do this weird arcane thing at night.  No, not THAT weird, arcane thing.  That comes later.   1,029 more words


sowing bread and roses

Subtitle: If that’s what it takes to fit in these days. . .

I love to garden and I do most of the sowing and reaping around here. 682 more words

What I Owe My Father

I owe my father more than just quitting.  I want to be a quitter.

I want to sink into that dark, heavy grease of depression and death: the tarry substance that lies in the night sky between stars; the space without life or oxygen or gravity that is as cold as Absolute Zero and eats feelings for breakfast, leaving you unburdened with things like grief and fear and the other fabrics of human emotion. 569 more words

So you think YOUR family is nutso...

Sometimes, when I get into a fight with another member of Clan Purvis (usually my brother or father), I think: “My God, I must have the craziest, most dysfunctional family on earth!” HAH! 680 more words

A Second Chance At Life

I’ve decided to give EVIL ROBOTS a second chance at life. Mainly because of you guys (the three or maybe four people who read this thing). 475 more words