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Beware of Flying Boxes...

RB: “Randy, Demon, be careful moving that bookshelf, it’s heavy.”

Randy: “Aye, aye captain.”

Demon: “Shit, no saluting until after we’ve moved this bastard. It’s heavy.” 131 more words

R B Holbrook

Ignore the Clutter...

Angel: “Randy?”

Randy: “Over here!”

Angel: “Where?”

Randy: “Behind the big pile of boxes?”

Angel: “Which pile?”

Randy: “The pile already sealed and ready to go.” 53 more words

R B Holbrook

Please Forgive the Absence...

Demon: “RB!”

RB: “What?”

Demon: “Don’t what me, dammit! Your blog needs your attention.”

RB: “Isn’t that what I have you and Angel for?”

Demon: “Yes, but-” 122 more words

R B Holbrook