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Layered Panna Cotta Recipe: #Choctoberfest Sponsored by Imperial Sugar

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the first ever #Choctoberfest that was primarily sponsored by Imperial sugar. To participate, they generously shipped out cases of sugar to dozens of bloggers so we can create ever amazing chocolate recipes using their products and even adding prizes to give away to our readers. 299 more words

The Chonchudo Files

Energy Weapons & Ballistics Tests


    The animal kingdom is full of examples of creatures that are physically superior to human beings in every way. The general argument as to why humankind is still the ruling species on Earth, is our far higher intelligence quotient (IQ). 1,196 more words

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Stomatal guard cells are not terminally differentiated

Photo credit: JXB

Fig. 2. (A) Guard cell division in a stomatal complex on the hypocotyl of a cucumber seedling which, after germination in darkness, has been exposed to red light. 223 more words



How to leverage the Columbus Chamber’s social media channels to help our businesses gain visibility and connect with talent here in the Region.

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From Seed to Sapling: Developing a Talent Development Program

TreeTree toyed with the idea of an internship program, but sought a more finished framework to expedite the program design process. Read more.

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