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Paternity Test to Confirm Which Bull Has Fathered a Calf

What is paternity test?  It is a molecular test to determine if a calf is ‘progeny’ of a particular ‘bull’. This test can also settle any dispute arising out of a missing calf and where ownership is to be determined. 213 more words

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Barcelona & quantum technologies

The emerging R & D sector offers opportunities for economic development

“We either climbed the train now or we’ll be left behind,” warns Josep Maria Martorell, who was the General Director of Research of the Generalitat and is currently deputy director of the. 1,037 more words

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Design V & V Engineer

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Duration: 6 Months contract

This is a 6 months contract W2 opportunity and client is not willing to provide sponsorship at this moment. 123 more words

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The A2 Milk Case: A Critical Review

   Truswell AS
This review outlines a hypothesis that A1, one of the common variants of beta-casein, a major protein in cows’ milk could facilitate immunological processes that lead to type I diabetes (DM-I). 488 more words

A2 Milk

Research and healthcare must involve people with M.E. to move forward

There’s a gaping chasm between what’s provided and what people with M.E. need. From where I’m sitting, as a patient first and health professional second, the only way to get what we need is to collaborate. 2,461 more words


Pudge go away!

Ok so, I have had a tough time with my “pudge”, the lower part of my stomach, since I can remember ahhhhh!! So frustrating. I have tried a lot of different work outs and now I even eat clean…..and still it remains, the pudge won’t budge! 188 more words

R U VeRacioUs?

Nexø 1 Launch - Teaser - Copenhagen Suborbitals

A great start, but the outcome is one we can all relate to. Rocketry is a very iterative pursuit in terms of technology development and implementation.


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