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Harry by R J Dent

It was exactly one week after her birthday that Muriel realized that Harry was a robot.

          Up until then, she’d just thought that he was as near as it was possible to get – for a man – to being a perfect human being. 192 more words

R J Dent

The Host by R J Dent

Eddie was watching the television.

          After a hard day’s work at the factory, there was nothing Eddie liked more than sitting down in his favourite armchair and watching whatever happened to be on the television. 157 more words

R J Dent

Fire! by R J Dent


I AM THE GOD OF HELL-FIRE AND I BRING YOU – FIRE! Arthur Brown sang into Travis’s ears as he lit the fuse with his lighter, and then took two steps back. 181 more words

R J Dent

Last Orders by R J Dent

Arlington had been in Eddie’s Bar for an hour and still couldn’t work out who his hit was.

          There were four contenders: the barman; a long-haired arty type who looked a bit like the actor Scott Glenn; a small, plump accountant type with round rimmed gold glasses; and a tall, cropped-haired, bearded man who – due to his khaki shirt – looked like a sixties political activist. 69 more words

R J Dent

My Father's Garden: Christmas Decorations by R J Dent

When my father said he was ‘going to go all out’ with the Christmas decorations, I wondered what he actually meant.

          I soon found out. 266 more words

R J Dent