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The '_____ genre of music isn't music!!1!' Rant

I’m sure you’ve seen them. The metal obsessed teenager that sits at the back of the class. The nerdy, classical music fan. Mention the special word that makes them go into a frenzy, whether it be rap music, dubstep, techno, pop, whatever. 980 more words


BET Names The Most Popular Musicians 'That Stole The Show' In 2016

Chock full of pleasant surprises, healthy debates and record-breaking successes, 2016 in music has arguably been one of the best of this decade. Here’s who the major players were, from the controversial to the downright legendary, discussed by experts and some of the industry’s major players


TOTD #20: So Much Light 'Simple How I Feel'

‘Simple How I Feel’ is a slice of straightforward, clean cut R ‘n’ B. So Much Light’s vocals are sharp and over the squeaky clean guitar. 38 more words

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone :)

Have you heard Solange Knowles’ new album? The title is “A Seat at the Table.” My friend sent it to me the other day, and I sat down and medz (meditated) it for a while, and I like the album. 26 more words

Expression Wednesdays

Pony Hunt - Heart Creak

This album is all hazy, soulful roots music held together by Jessica
Antonick’s stream of consciousness style songwriting that’s at once
surreal yet firmly rooted in her lived experience, tactile endeavors… 309 more words

My Type of Music

I grew up in a family where my dad was a sucker for music. He listened to music every single time he had the opportunity. We always woke up to some loud blaring music from the stereo in the sitting room, courtesy of my music loving dad. 606 more words


Beyonce - Halo Acoustic Cover | Alphabet Of Singers | B

So I got to the letter B and was a bit stumped. Beyonce did spring to mind automatically, but as I’m not the biggest fan of hers, I wasnt sure weather or not to do it. 174 more words